Hololive Dota 2 collab starts with Ceres Fauna owning on Witch Doctor cover image

Hololive Dota 2 collab starts with Ceres Fauna owning on Witch Doctor

The Vtuber invasion has begun with a Dominating spree.

Hololive fans and Dota 2 enjoyers both have something to gain from an upcoming collaboration. Members of the Vtuber agency have announced a new collab centered around Valve’s competitive MOBA, bringing renewed attention to the game. Here’s how to catch the Hololive Dota 2 collab live and how Fauna did in her solo warm-up games.

Fauna began streaming Dota 2 on Jan. 25, 2024, to prepare for the collab, which is scheduled to begin on Jan. 26. Here are five Vtubers confirmed for the Hololive Dota 2 collab stream with more possibly to be announced.

  1. Kobo Kanaeru
  2. Nerissa Ravencroft
  3. Koseki Bijou
  4. Mori Calliope
  5. Ceres Fauna

The collab stream begins on Jan. 26 starting at 9 pm CT, according to the official schedule. The stream title puts special emphasis on Kobo Kanaeru’s Puck, an agile mid with a very high mechanical skill ceiling. All five of the streamers appear to have some history with Dota, with Fauna already showing off her skills on stream.

Fauna rings in Hololive Dota 2 collab with personal stream

Fauna showed off her Dota 2 skills in a solo stream the day before the collab, where she practiced playing hard support.

She played a mix of bot matches and Turbo games, playing hard support in each match. Fauna started off the stream with a bang, playing Witch Doctor and ending 6/2/4. A solid Paralyzing Cask and Death Ward combo helped seal the deal in the first game. 

The rest of the stream was not quite as successful, with rougher performances on Crystal Maiden and Lion. Still, Fauna wound up winning many of her warmup games. The stream also attracted a ton of attention, attracting more than 13,000 live viewers and over 150,000 views for the video. The Dota 2 community has generally reacted positively, welcoming the Vtuber and appreciating the newfound attention toward their favorite MOBA.

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