Here are the Dota 2 Ability Draft changes in the Crowning update cover image

Here are the Dota 2 Ability Draft changes in the Crowning update

Here’s how the Crowning update will change your Ability Draft games.

The latest Dota 2 Crowning update has brought about significant changes to the game. While most of the changes are cosmetic, especially with the first ever cosmetic attached to the throne, there’s also some other updates. The changes to Ability Draft in the Dota 2 Crowning update bring forth new ability additions. Some abilities are also now accessible via toggling auto-cast in the base spell.

What changed to Ability Draft in Crowning Update?

There are several Changes to Ability Draft in the latest Crowning update. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • A number of previously unavailable Scepter/Shard abilities are now granted, some abilities are accessed by toggling auto-cast on the base spell:
    • Glacier granted with Marksmanship
    • Crystal Clone granted with Frostbite
    • Parting Shot granted with Pierce the Veil
    • Work Horse granted with Stampede
    • Burning Barrage granted with Skeleton Walk
    • Friendly Shadow granted with Shadow Walk
    • Counterspell Ally granted with Counterspell
    • Lightning Hands granted with Arc Lightning
    • Burning Army granted with Death Pact
    • Unrefined Fireblast granted with Fireblast
    • Poison Nova granted with Noxious Plague (Poison Nova passive ability is hidden)
  • Chemical Rage now grants Greevil's Greed. It will appear as a buff instead of on the ability bar.
  • Fixed Spirit Bear not having any abilities.
  • Fixed Blinding Light not appearing as a draftable ability.
  • Fixed Alchemist have 4 basic abilities at draft, which would push other abilities off by one.
  • Cloak and Dagger Shard no longer grants Sleeping Dart.
  • Ravage Shard now grants Dead in the Water instead of Tendrils of the Deep.
  • Invoker Ability Draft Shard updated to the new EMP Shard instead of the old Meteor Shard.
  • Proximity Mines now grants Minefield Sign as an additional ability.
  • Fixed Shadow Wave and Dream Coil's Scepter attacks not working on melee heroes.
  • Fixed Spirits working on illusions when you have a Scepter.
  • Fixed Ogre Magi getting Multicast instead of Dumb Luck as an innate.
  • Fixed Primal Spring, Pulse Nova, Rot, Infernal Blade, and a number of other abilities not granting stacks of Fiery Soul.
  • Fixed Talents not appearing for Starbreaker, Cinder Brew, Phantom Rush, and Power Cogs when the ability is drafted on their original hero.
  • Fixed Death Seeker not being togglable with hotkey.
  • Fixed not being able to toggle Call of the Wild Hawk to switch between Hawk and Boar.
  • Fixed Hairball appearing without a hotkey until it is toggled.
  • Fixed Chemical Rage Scepter not giving bonus damage and spell amplification.
  • Fixed Horn Toss being given by Shard instead of Scepter.
  • Fixed Rain of Destiny being given by Scepter instead of Shard.
  • Fixed Hunter's Boomerang and Decoy being given with either Shard or Scepter.
  • Fixed Timbersaw getting Second Chakram with Scepter. It now is only granted with the talent if Timbersaw drafts Chakram.

There are several changes in the Ability Draft fixing a lot of bugs. There are also some Shard and Aghanim’s abilities that have been added to some abilities in the Crowning update.

What is the Ability Draft in Dota 2?

Ability Draft is a unique game mode in Dota 2 that provides a twist to the traditional modes. The mix-n-match game mode allows players to mix heroes with different abilities. The game mode plays on your understanding of the game with a hero pulling out an ability completely unrelated to its character and lore. 

The draft phase of the game mode darts with players taking turns to select abilities from a shared pool. This shared pool includes all the abilities from the heroes chosen for the match. There are also a few extra abilities to ensure there are enough to go around.

After the draft, players enter the game with their hero and their chosen abilities. The game mode is a fun and unique experience for players who often have to keep track of opponents’ abilities. When you see a Warlock, one is used to expect a Golem drop or a Ravage from a Tidehunter. Imagine your surprise and glee when Tidehunter suddenly sprouts Rhasta Serpent Wards or uses a Visage Ultimate (Summon Familiars). Ability Draft offers a refreshing change of pace from Dota 2's standard modes.

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