Grubby quits Dota 2: “Too many people don’t know how to have a good time anymore.” cover image

Grubby quits Dota 2: “Too many people don’t know how to have a good time anymore.”

Grubby has taken a step back from Dota 2 due to the community’s toxicity.

Popular professional gamer and streamer, Manuel Schenkhuizen, also known as Grubby, announced that he is quitting Dota 2. The Dutch is a well-known Warcraft III pro who dived into the Dota 2 scene August 2022. Grubby was hooked and quickly grew his own community in this game. He impressively climbed into the Immortal rank, the highest rank in Dota 2, in only one and a half year. However, Grubby's journey with Dota 2 may have come to an end.

On March 15, Grubby posted a YouTube video to talk about quitting the game. He started with the positive side of Dota 2 - how it has an insanely great gameplay, the best client, music, and so on. But his falling out with Dota 2 stems from one problem, and it's the toxicity of the community.

Grubby states that while not everyone is problematic, there are enough toxic people to push him away. "There's too many people that are either watching or you're playing with in solo queue ranked that just don't know how to have a good time anymore. These people are afraid of failure, they're afraid and paranoid of their teammates all the time. They don't know how to just have fun anymore. To practice, to try and get better, that it's sometimes okay to lose," Grubby said.

Grubby also added that the toxicity doesn't only come within the game but also from viewers. He mentioned the toxic viewers that would often backseat a lot of his games and negatively comment on his gameplay. While constructive criticism are always welcomed, most of these comments rooted from negativity and only wanted to bring him down.

Grubby quits Dota 2.. indefinitely

"This is not definitively the end for me," Grubby mentioned. He told that he recently took a 3-week break from Dota 2 and he has been enjoying exploring other games. But the biggest highlight is that he doesn't quite miss Dota 2 and this may be a sign that he wants to move on to other titles.

Grubby's falling out from Dota 2 is certainly terrible news for passionate fans from the community. But this may be a sign for the scene to step up and improve. Dota 2 is indeed notorious for its unruly toxicity and it has led to many players dropping the game.

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