Gamin Gladiators are unstoppable as they head into another grand final of the DPC 2023 Season. It seems like no team can stop them!

Gamin Gladiators have make it to their fifth grand final in premier Dota 2 tournaments in 2023. It truly seems like nobody can stop them. The team has only lost two games in throughout the playoffs of the Bali Major. No matter what strategy or cheese they've faced, Gamin Gladiators improvise, adapt and overcome. Throughout the past tournaments, most teams have a hard time taking a single game of the squad. What can stop the Gladiators? Well nobody knows for sure.

Gamin Gladiator's winning streak

Gaming Gladiator's streak has been going on since March, starting with the Lima Major. Throughout the first tournament of the 2023 DPC Season, Gamin Gladiators came into the tournament swinging, not dropping a single game to anyone. Not even in the Grand Finals, the team didn't suffer a single loss and their streak of dominating tournaments started.

Gamin Gladiator's streak then continued to Dreamleague Season 19. However things did not go as smoothly as the Major. The Gladiators lost to Team Liquid, their Western European brother team in the Upper Bracket Final. However, they quickly bounced back and swept the only hope of North American Dota, Shopify Rebellion out of the tournament. Then, the Gladiators took revenge on Team Liquid for a 3-2 Grand Final and secured a second victory in a row.

After Liquid brought hope with regards to defeating the champions, the Gladiators quickly brought down the hammer at ESL One Berlin. They repeated their performance from the Lima, and went undeafeated until they ran back into TL at the Grand Finals once more. However, it was no issue for GG as they only dropped one match in the four game series.

However, Gamin Gladiator's streak was shaken up at Dreamleague Season 20. The Gladiators came into the playoffs in the lower bracket. Regardless, both Talon Esports and PSG.LGD and BetBoom couldn't stop the Gladiator train as they took the Dreamleague trophy back for the second season in a row.

And now at the Bali Major

Heading into the Bali Major, there was a big target on the undefeated champion's back. However that did not stop Gamin Gladiators one bit. The squad started in the upper bracket agaisnt Beastcoast, the upcoming Quest Esports and even the TI champions, Tundra Esports. Gamin Gladiators are now sitting in the Grand Finals of Bali and await the winner of Tundra versus Team Liquid.

Gamin Gladiators wait in the Grand finals of the Bali Major heading (via <a href="">Wykrhm Reddy on Twitter</a>)
Gamin Gladiators wait in the Grand finals of the Bali Major heading (via Wykrhm Reddy on Twitter)

The lower bracket final starts on July 9th, and the winner will face off against the seemingly undefeatable Gladiators. Whoever faces Gamin Gladiators in the Grand Finals of the Bali Major, it will be sure to be quite the match and conclusion for the Bali Major.

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