Galaxy Racer reverse sweeps Fnatic 3-2 to win BTS Pro Series cover image

Galaxy Racer reverse sweeps Fnatic 3-2 to win BTS Pro Series

Galaxy Racer reverse sweep Fnatic to claim the title of the best Dota 2 team in Southeast Asia.

The final day of the BTS Pro Series Season 7: Southeast Asia saw Fnatic, Galaxy Racer and Team SMG as the survivors. Fnatic took down Team SMG in the lower bracket finals 2-0 to set up a grand finals appearance against Galaxy Racer. Fnatic had the momentum coming from the lower bracket, but Galaxy Racer bounced towards the end of the series.

Game 1: Leshrac dominates Game 1

The first game started with a match-up between Leshrac and Puck in the mid-lane. Ng "ChYuan" Kee Chyuan’s Leshrac dominated the mid-lane. Constant ganks and aggression by Hoodwink allowed Leshrac to gain a massive lead over the enemy mid.

Once Leshrac got a few items, it was near impossible to kill him. The high damage output from Leshrac coupled with Dragon Knight’s tankiness was too much for Galaxy Racer to handle in Game 1.

Fnatic rotated from one objective to another, focusing on getting tier 1 towers and capturing map control. There was a small dip around the 23-minute mark when Galaxy Racer won a team fight. But they could not capitalize on their small victory. The story was the same when Fnatic respawned and it was only a matter of time before Fnatic closed out Game 1. 

Game 2: Meepo vs Storm

Galaxy Racer tried out something new in Game 2. They brought out Alacrity’s Meepo in a bid to surprise ChyuaN. Storm Spirit played a very cautious role in the mid-lane but went aggressive with appropriate runes in the mid-game. Meanwhile, Meepo was focusing on farming and getting XP that is crucial to the hero’s win-chances. 

But Storm pulled ahead. Assisted by his teammates, ChyuaN played cautiously in the laning phase and went in only when there were confirmed kills. He ended the game with 12 kills and two deaths, highlighting how he could play around the GXR players. The fact that Fnatic had Abaddon as a support hero, who could save anyone who was caught out by a stun or Earthbind.

Galaxy Racer had a mid-game heavy lineup. Fnatic always had the late-game advantage with a Luna and Storm Spirit. But after a disastrous mid-game, Galaxy Racer soon lost Game 2. Fnatic was one game away from securing the BTS Pro Series Season 7 Championship.

Game 3: GXR start their comeback

Galaxy Racer looked extremely weak so far. Losing two games and in such a manner did not bode well for the players. After what was a beast-mode during the regular group stage, the losing form during the Grand finals would be disappointing. 

Fnatic picked Leshrac again for ChyuaN, a hero tried and tested during Game 1. Galaxy Racer’s draft was well-rounded with Magnus, Dragon Knight and Alacrity’s Templar Assassin. Building into a Dragon Lance and Desolator were all that the hero needed to come online. With Traps and a Shard, Alacrity dominated the mid-game. While his team had kept busy previously, the mid-hero’s arrival in team fights completely changed the outcome. 

<em>Galaxy Racer’s Templar Assassin completely changed the course of the game. Image Credit: </em><a href=""><em>Trackdota</em></a><em>.</em>
Galaxy Racer’s Templar Assassin completely changed the course of the game. Image Credit: Trackdota.

Heroes like Chen fall off in the late game, but more importantly, Fnatic’s carry player, Raven, did not have a great game. Raven’s Viper ended the game with a 0-6 score, highlighting the troubles the hero had to face throughout. 

Galaxy Racer won Game 3 in 33 minutes, but it was still a long road ahead.

Game 4: Galaxy Racer tie the series

The penultimate game started with Raven dying just after the horn as he found himself in front of four dire heroes. Alacrity very aggressively in this game as well as focusing on ganking other lanes and securing as much of an advantage for his team. 

Getting kills on the enemy Enchantress and later Terrorblade proved to be important pieces in the game. Galaxy Racer marched ahead in networth and map control with these kills. InYourDream got free farm on his Medusa. So while Alacrity’s aggression managed the mid-game for Galaxy Racer, the team’s Medusa was the late-game guarantee. 

Screengrab via <a href="">TrackDota</a>.
Screengrab via TrackDota.

With Terrorblade unable to match up to Medusa in terms of farm and items, the game was quickly out of Fnatic’s grasp. Fnatic did have a massive comeback around the 27-minute mark and maintained a lead for a considerable amount of time.

Despite securing the Aegis of Immortal, Galaxy Racer killed him off twice. Medusa was just too tanky and dealt massive amounts of damage to Fnatic. It was only a matter of time before GXR took the series to a Game 5. 

Game 5: Reverse Sweep Complete

By now, Galaxy Racer had the momentum, having bounced back from a 0-2 deficit. The team had won the last two games and seemed to be in great form going into the final game of the series. 

But Fnatic had the upper hand in Game 5. The team did everything right, from ganking GXR’s Spectre repeatedly. Spectre had two deaths before the 10-minute mark, a massive blow to the hero’s early game. 

Fnatic maintained the lead through most of the game, but all GXR needed was one well-placed Wall of Replica. Getting the Terrorblade’s Illusion allowed Galaxy Racer to deal the damage required to bring down Raven. 

As you can see in the clip above, Terrorblade’s Illusion dealt massive amounts of unhindered damage. With Spectre’s Dispersion and the illusion’s damage, Raven did not stand a chance against the dire heroes. He bought back towards the end of the clip but quickly died later. With Terrorblade on the sidelines for nearly two minutes, it was the end of the game. Galaxy Racer completed a marvelous reverse sweep to win BTS Pro Series Season 7: Southeast Asia.

With this win, Galaxy Racer won $20,000 and the title of being the best Dota 2 team in Southeast Asia. Fnatic came in at a close second and despite playing  7 games on the final day, the team managed to put up some exciting plays.

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