Gaimin Gladiators defeated Team Liquid 3-2 in the finals of DreamLeague Season 19 in an instant classic that went the full distance of a best-of-five.

Gaimin Gladiators have beaten Team Liquid in the grand finals of DreamLeague Season 19. Claiming victory in a best-of-five that went the distance, GG said “gg” to TL with a 3-2 scoreline. With the win, Gaimin takes home $300,000 of prize money and a direct invite to Riyadh Masters.

The team started things out strong in Game One, with a strong performance. After Quinn "Quinn" Callahan got camped in game one, in perhaps an attempt to tilt him, Marcus "Ace" Christensen stepped up on his brutal Doom pick to secure the win.

Game Two didn’t go GG’s way though, with Team Liquid out-drafting them in an obvious fashion. Simply put, Gaimin didn’t have any magic damage, apart from the Sniper eventually building Maelstrom. But without this item, the team got rolled by the mobility with Fiends Gate and Underlord.

iNSaNiA loses his Holy Locket, loses the game

Insania dropped his Holy Locket at minute 20 and didn't find it until the 30-minute mark (Image via ESL)
Insania dropped his Holy Locket at minute 20 and didn't find it until the 30-minute mark (Image via ESL)

Then comes the “incident.” Around 20 minutes into Game Three, farmed and ahead, Team Liquid’s Aydin "iNSaNiA" Sarkohi dropped his Holy Locket while juggling items in his inventory. This led to a ten-minute period where Team Liquid appeared to lose a lot of teamfights, and ultimately the game. 

Perhaps ten minutes without Holy Locket hurt TL’s chances, but this ended up being one of the most thrilling games of the entire tournament. The series was now 2-1 in Gaimin’s favor.

Two stomps to end the series

And then Game Four happened, and it was like Gaimin Gladiators forgot how to play Dota. Crushed in all three lanes and only getting three kills, it was the most one-sided match of the series.

But if Game Four was flawless for Team Liquid, then Game Five was flawless for Gaimin Gladiators. With Quinn on the Templar Assassin and Ace on his signature Doom, there was really nothing TL could do. Gaimin Gladiators win the series 3-2.

Quinn interviewed after Gaimin Gladiators DreamLeague Season 19 win

After the victory, Gaimin Gladiator’s Quinn was interviewed. And he had nothing but praise for his opponents: “Liquid is an insanely good team. In the two games we lost they absolutely mopped the floor with us.”

But Quinn was also pleased by the team’s performance: “It’s nice to show we’re not a patch team, and that we could win on the new patch.” On what happened the day before against Team Liquid: “We forgot to play normal Dota. Against Spotify [Shopify Rebellion] we started playing normal Dota.”

“Facts don’t care about feelings, and that’s clearly not the case."

Quinn to those who say he's trash

And who was the MVP of the series? Not Quinn apparently: “Ace… Ace in general is an extremely consistent player.”

“[At] the end of a tournament we know we’re going to win [and it] is almost like a victory lap, it’s such a nice feeling to know you’re going to win in a few seconds.”

Quinn ended the interview with a message for haters who don’t believe the Quinn hype, and say he's garbo: “Facts don’t care about feelings, and that’s clearly not the case."

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