9 Pandas respond to Gaimin Gladiators’ challenge at Berlin Major with a tie cover image

9 Pandas respond to Gaimin Gladiators’ challenge at Berlin Major with a tie

Gaimin Gladiators challenged 9 Pandas with a “Yo what’s up Ramdog, you ready?” taking the intensity at Berlin major to the next level.

The Gaimin Gladiators and 9 Pandas Esports series at the Berlin Major is one that you should not miss. Quinn "Quinn" Callahan cranked the heat up by throwing the gauntlet to Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev. Prior to the series, he challenged RAMZES666 with a cheeky remark "Yo what's up Ramdog, you ready?"

Clearly there is a long-standing feud between the two since this is not the first time Quinn jeered at RAMZES666, which makes today's series all the more exciting. 9 Pandas, however, were able to answer the call by drawing the series. Needless to say, neither can have the last laugh just yet.

Gaimin Gladiators vs 9 Pandas Esports series recap

Team 1
Team 2
Gaimin Gladiators [W]
9 Pandas Esports
Gaimin Gladiators
9 Pandas Esports [W]

Almost an easy game one for Gaimin Gladiators

Gaimin Gladiators should have had game one completely in the bag especially after such a dominating start. In just 15 minutes, Gaimin Gladiators already had 10k gold advantage over 9 Pandas and 20-4 score line. At one point, even series caster Trent "Trent" MacKenzie believed that 9 Pandas would tap out in 17 minutes. However, they did not let down easy.

It ultimately took one crucial Roshan pit brawl to settle the score. During that time, it looked like whichever team that came out on top will inevitably win the game. Buybacks were forced on both sides, but Gaimin Gladiators were the ones who eventually survived, taking the first game.

9 Pandas stomp Gaimin Gladiators with Alchemist in game two

There was a huge contrast on Roman "RAMZES666" Kushnarev Alchemist's performance between game one and two. He ended the game with a clean 9-0 KDA. The new passive ability "Corrosive Weaponry" that Alchemist received after patch 7.33 added to Gaimin Gladiators' list of frustrations in game two. This ability reduces status resistance.

Paired with a Skull Basher, the Alchemist was able to induce perma-stuns, which many were led to believe that it was no longer possible in this patch. Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov fell victim to this when he was literally chain stunned into oblivion because of Alchemist's Corrosive Weaponry. In the end, RAMZES666 let out a smiley 'gg)' for a well-deserved victory.

Gaimin Gladiators secure playoffs

Gaimin Gladiators and 9 Pandas are currently top two at Group A. However, since Gaimin Gladiators have not lost a single series thus far, they have secured a spot at the playoffs. Both Gaimin Gladiators and 9 Pandas have one series left on April 30.