Nigma Galaxy suffered its fourth consecutive loss in the WEU DPC and is at large risk for demotion to the Lower Division.

It is yet another disappointing day for fans of Nigma Galaxy (NGX). The veterans of Dota 2 in NGX have suffered another loss in the Western European (WEU) Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Tour 2. This marks the team's fourth consecutive loss in the league. In contrast, GG secured their 4th win and is still undefeated.

Gaimin Gladiators continues an impressive win streak

The underdogs of WEU are on fire today as they walked into another series looking incredibly strong. The first game saw precise movement and patience on the side of GG. Even after great initiations or teamfighting from NGX, GG was able to read and outsmart most of the fights. A cheesy Bane plus Mirana combo on top of an overpowered Tiny allowed GG to secure their first win of the series.

In the second game, NGX managed to counter the Tiny strat with a strong Death Prophet pick for the offlane and a Sand King mid. They played an aggressive game surrounding the Ursa-IO duo and GG failed to figure out an answer.

The final game saw a great start for NGX, with Miracle's Huskar wreaking havoc on the map. But GG's offlane Jakiro quickly shut him down after rushing an Aghanim's Scepter. Throughout multiple teamfights, Huskar was just drenching himself in the burning fire of Macropyre. It didn't really help that both cores of NGX opted for a risky Armlet of Mordiggian build.

Ace talks about shutting down Miracle's Huskar

In the post-match interview, the panel had a chat with GG's offlaner, Marcus "Ace" Hoelgaard.

One of the questions they asked him was regarding his interesting offlane Jakiro. In one of the fights where Ace first revealed his Aghanim's Scepter, Miracle completely melted in his Macropyre.

"I'm pretty sure he didn't really know I had Aghs you know. He was clicking BKB and just standing in it."

But Ace acknowledged the difficult situation to play Huskar against a Jakiro. "Especially for Huskar, it's rough, because he's such a slow hero. Once the Macropryre is on him, he's just done."

A rough situation for Nigma Galaxy in WEU DPC

This loss marks the biggest chance of Nigma Galaxy getting a demotion to Lower Division for the next season. The legendary team filled with iconic players has not had the greatest run in the past couple of years. From missing The International 10 to now being at large risk of demotion, NGX needs to find a solution.

They're now at the bottom of the WEU DPC Tour 2 Division 1 Rankings.

WEU DPC Tour 2 Division 1 current ranking
WEU DPC Tour 2 Division 1 current ranking

Nigma Galaxy's next match in WEU DPC will be against Entity on April 9.

Gaimin Gladiators, on the other hand, has kept a solid form since the previous season. They placed 2nd in the previous Regional League and convincingly won the Regional Finals. They're undoubtedly a strong force coming into this 2nd season. With a 4th series win under their belt, they're now one of the strongest contenders for the Arlington Major. GG will be seen next on April 6 against OG.

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