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More than 20K people queued to purchase the first batch of Lima Major tickets cover image

More than 20K people queued to purchase the first batch of Lima Major tickets


Around 20,000 people lined up for the first batch of Lima Major tickets which were successfully sold out within minutes of opening.

The first-ever Dota 2 Major in South America, the Lima Major, launched its ticket sales on Friday, January 13th. After only nine minutes, all tickets were sold! The insanely fast sales were no surprise as 20,000 people queued to grab the first batch of Lima Major tickets.

Phase 1 Lima Major tickets sold out in 9 minutes

The next big Dota 2 event will head to Peru for the first time in history. The entire South American continent is quaking under the anticipation of the local-themed Dota 2 Major. This event, organized by 4D Esports and EPULZE, will be the culmination of 22/23 Winter Tour Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).
On January 13th, 4D Esports released the first batch of Lima Major tickets. Prior to the launch time, around 20,000 people lined up on the website. And this is only for the first phase.
After nine minutes, an estimated total of 3,000 tickets were sold out and the VIP tickets followed soon after. Note that this is only the first batch of Lima Major tickets and if you didn't get to make the purchase, there are more chances ahead. The next ticket opening will be on Friday, January 20.
For every batch, one-fifth of the total tickets are distributed, except for the final phase which distributes any that are left. The venue, Arena 1 in Lima, holds 15,000 attendees capacity in total.
From today's sales, it is revealed that 18% bought two tickets, 7% bought three tickets, and 9.4% bought 4 tickets. The rest had purchased a single ticket.
If you missed out on the first batch, you can get ready for the next ticket sales dates:
  • 2nd Phase: January 20 - 26
  • 3rd Phase: January 27 - February 2
  • 4th Phase: February 3 - 5

Lima Major comes in six weeks

There is still plenty of time until Lima Major actually commences. The event takes place on February 22 until March 5 in Arena 1, Lima which provides a 15,000 attendees capacity. The top eighteen teams from all around the world will compete for the standard $500,000 USD prize money and tons of DPC points.
Stick around for more Dota 2 news and updates!
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