Fbz will play with Team Secret on loan from BOOM Esports throughout the remainder of the season.

Team Secret imposed a huge roster change following their disappointing run in Tour 3 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). The prominent organization parts ways with offlaner, BOOM, after 7 months together. Filling in his shoes for the remainder of the season is Fbz, the former player for BOOM Esports.

Hard times call for drastic measures

Team Secret has gone on a plunge ever since TI11. Despite a second-place finish at the grand event, Secret would proceed to drop to Division II, climb back up, and now back to the lower division. They have swapped players and even switched positions, placing BOOM from the midlane to the offlane. However, things didn't work out as Team Secret finished Tour 3 dead bottom.

BOOM departs Team Secret after Tour 3 DPC.<br>Image via Valve
BOOM departs Team Secret after Tour 3 DPC.
Image via Valve

On June 10, Team Secret announced BOOM's departure. "Hard times call for drastic measures," the announcement stated. The Czech player also took to Twitter to express his thoughts following the roster change. "It was a great team experience in Team Secret, sadly it didn't work out because I wasn't good enough," he stated.

BOOM Esports loans Fbz to Team Secret

Things in Southeast Asia don't look too good as well for BOOM Esports. The Indonesian organization used to be one of the strongest forces in the region, but they have struggled continuously since TI11. Similarly to Team Secret, BOOM dropped to Division II, went back up, and fell once again.

Fbz joins Team Secret on loan from BOOM Esports.<br>Image via StarLadder
Fbz joins Team Secret on loan from BOOM Esports.
Image via StarLadder

Indonesian player, Fbz, has been with BOOM Esports since February 2018. For almost five years, he wore the red-themed jersey of BOOM Esports, but he'll now venture to other territories. Fbz joins Team Secret for the rest of 2023, joining his SEA counterpart, Armel.

BOOM Esports has yet to announce Fbz's replacement. You can watch Fbz's debut with Team Secret tomorrow when the ESL Pro Tour's DreamLeague S20 commences.

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