EternaLEnVy is retiring from Dota and streaming for good according to tweets posted by the former pro on May 1, 2023.

Jacky "EternaLEnVy" Mao has announced his retirement from “everything DotA related.” The ex-pro announced he’d be stepping down from streaming and stopping playing Dota, with his next stream being his last.

In the tweet the 31-year-old former pro declared his intention to retire along with a final mousepad sale: “Retiring from everything DotA related. Here is my personally designed mousepad with a bunch of memes. Drop your stick, etc. Thank you DotA and peace out. Next stream will be my last.”

He followed up with a followup thanking the generally positive response “Didn’t expect a warm farewell thank you. I kinda just tweeted some stuff that I have to b4 I gtfo lol.” He also clarified his reasoning: “Streaming isn’t for me. I don’t like talking about past events, reacting, or talking to my stream. Playing for fun isn’t for me either. I will always pursue things as a straight arrow. I’ve found something else to chase wholeheartedly. And if I fail guess I’ll be a SWE XD”

What is that thing? Well speculation is that it’s either day trading or fitness streaming, based on his recent tweets. Still, EternaLEnVy leaves behind an impressive legacy in DotA.

EternaLEnVy’s Enternal Legacy

EternaLEnVy was one of the most interesting characters in Dota 2 history. While sometimes known as a controversial figure, being at the center of several kicking scandals including Fnatic’s 2018 Katowice kick, and several on Team Secret.

But for most, EE’s legacy is one of the most unique and exciting to watch carry players in Dota 2. His time with Team Secret, in which the team won the notorious Shanghai Major would probably be his professional peak, but a top-six finish at TI2014 would also be a highlight. His streams were also incredibly entertaining, spawning many memes, some of which are highlighted on his new mousepad.

Retirement in Dota 2 isn’t exactly something that sticks, but EE retired from competitive play in 2022 and stuck to that.

Now he steps down from streaming, seemingly for good. You can watch EternaLEnVy’s final stream on his official Twitch stream.