Get 50 percent discount on tickets for ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 using a special promo code. Available only for Regular 1-Day tickets.

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 kicks off with a whirlwind on the first day of its group stage. Don't want to miss out on the action? Fret not as there is still a chance for you to attend the main event that starts on December 15. There are still plenty of tickets available for purchase. Better yet, you can use a promo code which offers a whopping 50 percent discount on the Regular 1-Day tickets. Check it out!

Regular 1-Day ticket promo code: RISEABOVEFATE2

You can use the ESL One Kuala Lumpur promo code "RISEABOVEFATE2" for a 50 percent discount on the Regular 1-Day ticket price. However, the discount is only applicable for the first two days of the main event on December 15 and 16. Unfortunately, the Regular 1-Day ticket for the final day of ESL One Kuala Lumpur has since been sold out. Therefore, you will need to buy the 3-day ticket in order to watch the grand finals. Below is a price list of the tickets that are still available:

Ticket Type
Premium 3-Day699 MYR / 149 USD
Plus 3-Day499 MYR / 107 USD
Regular 3-Day239 MYR / 51 USD
Regular 1-Day (Dec 15)89 MYR / 19 USD or 44.50 MYR / 9.5 USD with discount
Regular 1-Day (Dec 16109 MYR / 23 USD or 54.50 MYR / 11.5 USD with discount
Regular 1-Day (Dec 17 - SOLD OUT)129 MYR / 28 USD or 64.50 MYR / 14 USD with discount
Purchase your ESL One Kuala Lumpur tickets and use the promo code via the official site. Price does not include tax and service.

Main event seating arrangements

The image above shows the seating arrangements for each ticket type. It goes without saying that premium ticket holders will have the best and closest view of the stage. However, regular ticket holders will have access to tiered seating, which guarantees unobstructed viewing experience.

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