Entity and Tobi part ways ahead of TI12 cover image

Entity and Tobi part ways ahead of TI12

Entity have decided to part ways with their offlaner and long-standing teammate Tobias “Tobi” Buchner ahead of TI12. What’s next for them?

In a surprising turn of events, Entity have decided to part ways with their offlaner Tobias "Tobi" Buchner. Tobi's departure was revealed in a post by Entity on their socials on the afternoon of June 22.

The release came after a series of disappointing performances throughout the year for Entity.

Entity and Tobi go all the way back

Tobi became a part of Entity when the organization acquired Creepwave on November 2021. He, along with Daniel "Stormstormer" Schoetzau, Vladislav "Kataomi`" Semenov and Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk, formed the iteration that achieved many successes under Entity's banner. Their most notable success was making it to The International 2021 (TI11) through winning the Western Europe regional qualifier. At that time, they defeated Team Secret 3-0 at the grand final. However, they exited TI11 quite early at 9th-12th place.

Unfortunately, 2023 has not been any better. Entity only made it to Lima Major within three Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) seasons where they finished at 5th-6th place. In the end, they were only able to secure 208 DPC points and will definitely have to go through qualifiers once again to make it to TI12. Furthermore, they had a lackluster performance DreamLeague as well. Entity were dead last in their group for both DreamLeague seasons (Season 18 and 19) of the year.

Entity after eliminating RNG at TI11 (Image by Valve)
Entity after eliminating RNG at TI11 (Image by Valve)

TI12 is just right around the corner. What are their plans next?

In light of their underwhelming results, Entity had to make some changes. It was quite surprising that Tobi was the one who went onto the chopping block considering his rather consistent performance. That said, no one said that the separation was due to a performance issue.

Entity now needs to find a replacement for the offlane role. The seemingly most viable option would be Roman "Resolut1on" Fomynok who last played for Old G and is currently a free agent. Meanwhile, Tobi has yet to make any comment since his departure from Entity and is unclear on what his next step will be.

Everyone is looking forward to TI's return to Seattle. But don't let that distract you from the many exciting Dota games that are going on. We still have the ongoing DreamLeague Season 20 and Bali Major is just right around the corner. Be sure to stick around with Esports.gg for more Dota 2 news!