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Team Elephant Co-owner PDD on the Recent Disbandment of their all-star Dota 2 Roster cover image

Team Elephant Co-owner PDD on the Recent Disbandment of their all-star Dota 2 Roster


The co-owner of Elephant, PDD, recently shared his insights of the disbandment of Elephant’s Dota 2 team on his stream.

PDD, Elephant's co-owner shared his sentiments and thoughts on the recent disbandment of the Dota 2 division on his stream.'s LeonArthur has translated his sentiments and provides an insight into the Chinese scene. Elephant was one of the most hyped rosters in the Chinese scene but failed to deliver satisfactory results at TI10.

PDD talks about the difficulty of running the Elephant Dota 2 team

Elephant went into The International 10 with an all-star lineup consisting of Eurus, Somnus`M, Yang, fy & super. They were seen as the savior of Chinese Dota with such a marvelous roster to bring the Aegis back to China. However, things didn't go as planned and they were unfortunately eliminated by Evil Geniuses at the Lower Bracket Round 1 in the playoff stage ending up at the 13-16th place.

"This Elephant Dota 2 team have been a big headache for me recently. Mainly because the amount of capital we spent to build this team last year was really high."

Elephant and the players split up peacefully

Somnus`M recently clarified on his personal Weibo account and announced that Elephant parted ways with the players on peaceful terms. He also mentioned that Elephant did not want to waste any of the players' time to look for their next organization hence they were let go immediately once the disbandment was confirmed. He also reminded everyone to not trust rumors that are spread on forums by rumormongers.
Somnus`M clarification on Weibo
Somnus`M clarification on Weibo

"Since our results on The International 10 was poor, we didn't feel like running the team anymore as this did not bring us much benefits to our business. So we thought the reasonable way to settle our players' contract was to directly void the contracts and let them make their own plans."

Admirable Attitudes from Somnus and Fy

"Personally, I'd love to continue running the team, because the players have shown great attitudes. But this not up to me. Even though our result wasn't great, but Maybe and Fy suggested to us that they're willing to take a pay cut and fight for another year. I thought that was rare and admirable.“
Image Courtesy by Valve
Image Courtesy by Valve

Reality > Dream

"I used to be a professional player myself. And for a professional player to voluntarily suggest to the organization to take a pay cut just to continue playing, that hits me hard. I really wanted to continue, and support this course, but the value addition to our business is just too little. So after much considerations, we decided to pull out. Well anyway, wish them luck!"

It is unknown where the players will end up for now, but what we do know is many Dota 2 fans out there would be hoping to see them continue playing for the next season. We hereby wish them the best of luck!
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Wei Yip Lee
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