DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage seedings revealed cover image

DreamLeague Season 22 Group Stage seedings revealed

Check out which group is the group of death in DreamLeague Season 22.

ESL Pro Tour's first tournament of the year, DreamLeague Season 22, is gearing into action. The $1 million dollar tournament will host sixteen powerhouses from across the world for not only a slice of the prize money, but also a chunk of EPT Points. And as we near the tournament, ESL revealed the seedings for the Group Stage. Check it out below!

DreamLeague Season 22 Groups

Group A
Group B
BetBoom Team
Team Spirit
Xtreme Gaming
Gaimin Gladiators
Team Liquid
Tundra Esports
Team Falcons
Team Secret
Azure Ray
Shopify Rebellion

Group A vs Group B - which one is the group of death?

(Image via Tundra Esports)
(Image via Tundra Esports)

With every tournament and its beginning comes the seeding for groups. It is one of the exciting parts of the tournament as we try to unravel which group has more intense competition. For DreamLeague Season 22, the groups seem insanely balanced.

Group A has BetBoom Team, G2.iG, Gaimin Gladiators, OG, Team Falcons, Virtus.pro, Azure Ray, and Heroic. Meanwhile Group B has Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, Team Liquid, Tundra Esports, 1win, Team Secret, Shopify Rebellion, and Aurora.

The pick for the group of death for DreamLeague Season 22 is tough. But by a quick glance, Group A seems to showcase more unpredictable Dota and that chaos makes it our choice for the death group.

Uncertainty in Group A

DreamLeague S22's Group A has clear favorites. Gaimin Gladiators, BetBoom Team, Azure Ray, and Team Falcons will likely lead the way. These three teams have been consistent in their performances and are the strongest forces of the group.

But what comes next is trickier to guess. G2.iG dominated the Chinese region in this early 2024 and they do look solid. However, it's difficult to guess how they would fare against the global juggernauts. OG delivered a smashing performance during the back-to-back event qualifiers and they too look solid at one point. But OG struggled at BetBoom Dacha and bombed out of the Group Stage, making their performance another question mark.

Virtus.pro is an Eastern European dark horse and we can never forget how they gave Team Spirit a scare during TI12. Sometimes they shine, sometimes they don't. Heroic, on the other hand, is the new star of South America and we have yet to see their potential on the global stage. This DreamLeague S22 group has high possibilities of taking completely different directions than what the community predicts and we are so in for that chaos.

Group B has notable teams

DreamLeague S22's Group B has a simpler lineup to guess as there is a particular gap between the powerhouses and the underdogs. Team Spirit, Xtreme Gaming, and Team Liquid, are the favorites of Group B. But while these are currently the best performing teams of the group, names like Tundra Esports and Team Secret are bound to deliver unpredictable performances. Shopify Rebellion and Aurora are the underdogs of Group B.

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