DreamLeague Season 21 upper bracket saw one of the most exciting matches of the tournament with a dramatic comeback and an exciting finish.

The DreamLeague Season 21 playoffs have begun with BetBoom facing off against Shopify Rebellion in the upper bracket. This enthralling series went the distance of three games with Shopify pulling off an incredible game three victory. With this win, Shopify Rebellion continues its dominant streak and secures a top-three placement at DreamLeague Season 21. Meanwhile, BetBoom falls into the lower bracket but hope is not lost just yet for BetBoom fans.

Shopify Rebellion win 2-1 against BetBoom at DreamLeague Season 21 (Via <a href="https://twitter.com/ShopifyRebels/status/1704903537929368054" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">Twitter</a>)
Shopify Rebellion win 2-1 against BetBoom at DreamLeague Season 21 (Via Twitter)

BetBoom's Pure versus Shopify Rebellion's Arteezy

The entire DreamLeague Season 21 Upper Bracket finals between BetBoom and Shopify Rebellion was all about Arteezy and Pure. In that, if Pure shut down Arteezy, then BetBoom would take the game, which is exactly what happened in game one. On the other hand, if Arteezy dominated his lane against Pure Shopify would take the game.

In game one Arteezy's Ursa couldn't manage to come back after Pure's infamous Legion Commander had an early and dominating start. The early game advantage snowballed into the late game and despite Ursa looking like a good pick, it never really managed to bounce back. While in game two, Arteezy pulled out a surprise Muerta, which utterly dominated Pure's Legion Commander. Both games, depending on how the lanes went were relatively one-sided. BetBoom won game one, and Shopify took game two. However, game three is where things kicked into high gear.

Game three, the best comeback of DreamLeague Season 21

After the beatdown of game two between BetBoom and Shopify Rebellion, BetBoom was ready to take its revenge. With a pretty speedy draft, SR ended with Lina, Phantom Assassin, Kunkka, Vengeful Spirit, and Warlock. On the other hand, BetBoom drafted some unique heroes in Bane, Troll Warlord, and Storm Spirit to accompany their Pheonix and Beastmaster.

Like the earlier game in the series between the two Titans, the pace of the game was decided on Pure and Arteezy. Shopify's Phantom Assassin and Warlock couldn't deal with the constant lane pressure and aggression that BetBoom's Beastmaster and Bane were applying. Leading BetBoom to gain an incredible lead by the mid-game. And before you knew it, BetBoom had already cemented a 20k gold lead by 30 minutes, and Shopify couldn't do anything to hold BetBoom off.

However, Arteezy indulged in a tale as old as time. Purchasing a Divine Rapier on Phantom Assassin. The combination of Phantom Assassin's damage and Kunkka's X-Marks the Spot allowed Arteezy to destroy supports without getting caught out.

One of the most entertaining matches saw a dramatic comeback for victory. <a href="https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/7345375139">Screengrab via Dotabuff.com</a>
One of the most entertaining matches saw a dramatic comeback for victory. Screengrab via Dotabuff.com

All while the rest of Shopify would kite out BetBoom's Troll Warlord and Storm Spirit. As fights went on, the fight started slowly turning in the favor of Shopify Rebellion. Until Arteezy bought a second Divine Rapier on Phantom Assassin, allowing him to burst even Nightfalls' Troll Warlord. Allowing Shopify Rebellion to make the insane comeback after a 22k gold deficit.

You can check out the full breakdown and stats of the series on Dotabuff here. For more DreamLeague Season 21 coverage and esports news, stay tuned to Esports.gg