Abuse some of the best carry heroes from DreamLeague Season 19 and find out how you can get a godlike streak in 10 minutes like Yatoro.

DreamLeague Season 19 is only a few days in but we've already seen plenty of highlights as overpowered heroes take the stage in what could be the last event played on Dota 2 patch 7.32.

But before we say goodbye to 7.32, lets take the chance check out these carry heroes you can abuse to gain MMR. These carry heroes are based on the ongoing DreamLeague tournament, but with a little twist; We won't include heroes that have been overly picked throughout patch 7.32. For the carry role, this includes Batrider, Death Prophet and zoo meta heroes (e.g. Broodmother and Beastmaster).

Instead, we'll focus on heroes that are rarely contested and maybe even downright unusual. Yet, if played correctly, these carry heroes can potentially win you a lot of games. We have created this list in collaboration with Dota 2 guide master Michael “Torte de Lini” Cohen. Additionally, we also utilized reports from Spectral.gg. As usual, please do not forget to practice unranked when attempting new heroes so that you do not grief your teammates. Good luck and have fun!

Big auras by the big Doom Bringer

Let's begin with the offlane carry role. This position is the simplest to figure out--Get auras and win games. Auras have been highly vital throughout 7.32. For that reason, Doom Bringer is ideal for the offlane role because of his ability to devour neutral creeps and gain their passive auras. Furthermore, there are numerous item choices that are compatible with him. Boots of Bearing, for example, is an aura-giving item that has seen an increase in its pickup rate due to its charges removal buff. Guardian Greaves, despite having gone through major nerfs, is still essential. On the other hand, you can also go for an Octarine Core for quicker cooldowns and longer range for Doom.

Gaimin Gladiators' Marcus "Ace" Christensen went with both Greaves and Octarine on his Doom. He was a complete menace in his game against Evil Geniuses, going 6-0 and ending the game in less than 25 minutes. That game was Gaimin Gladiators' fastest victory with a Doom and the fourth fastest game overall throughout DreamLeague thus far. In addition, Doom is the most-picked offlane hero with a grand total of 19 picks and 53 percent win rate.

Top 5 most successful offlaners at DreamLeague as per April 11 (Image via <a href="https://stats.spectral.gg/lrg2/?league=dreamleague_s19&amp;mod=heroes-positions-position_1.3" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Spectral</a>)
Top 5 most successful offlaners at DreamLeague as per April 11 (Image via Spectral)

A hidden surprise at the mid lane

According to Torte de Lini, heroes with high maneuverability fare well on the mid lane in the current patch. Batrider is still popular these days because he is a natural ganker. Then there are heroes like Storm Spirit and Ember Spirit with the abilities to quickly move from one end of the map to the other. These two have been picked 18 times each. Unfortunately, they possess subpar win rates of just 33 percent on Storm Spirit and 50 percent on Ember Spirit.

With that said, let's take a look at a midlaner that may not be the most obvious choice: Riki. Yes, you read that right. A mid Riki. In his comment, Torte de Lini stated that mid Riki is a lot more common than people may think in this patch. "Riki mid is just Riki 4 but so much more f**king annoying" he added.

"Riki mid is just Riki 4, but so much more f**king annoying"

Torte de Lini

Even though Riki has only been picked five times so far, he has a solid win rate of 60 percent. As Torte de Lini mentioned, a mid Riki is basically a more obnoxious and possibly lethal version of support Riki. Shard is still his key item. Unlike a support Riki, however, your first item will be the Meteor Hammer. Diffusal Blade is the item that comes after Shard and will amplify the effectiveness of your Sleeping Dart plus Meteor Hammer combo. Finally, Octarine Core will help tighten things up by extending your dart and hammer range.

Tundra Esports' Leon "Nine" Kirilin played Riki on mid twice at DreamLeague and have went 1-1. He lost once to beastcoast and won once against OG. In the game where he won, his Riki had a 9-3 KDA but an abysmal 182 last hits after 42 minutes. In fact, mid Riki has the lowest average last hits-per-minute out of all mid heroes at DreamLeague. So keep that in mind before you decide to pick him in mid.

Mid Riki sits at the top 10 most successful midlaners of DreamLeague. Data as per April 11 (via <a href="https://stats.spectral.gg/lrg2/?league=dreamleague_s19&amp;mod=heroes-positions-position_1.2" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Spectral</a>)
Mid Riki sits at the top 10 most successful midlaners of DreamLeague. Data as per April 11 (via Spectral)

Get godlike streak in 10 minutes with one of the best carry heroes at DreamLeague S19

Is mid Riki too unorthodox? Then we assure you that this hero is currently the bona fide best hero of all carry heroes at DreamLeague. Introducing Drow Ranger. The data says it all. As of this moment, Drow Ranger has a perfect 100 ranking score as stated on spectral.gg after being picked eight times and accumulating a win rate of an astounding 75 percent. So why is she so strong right now? The answer lies within everything that we have covered in this article. The one and most important lesson to get out of here is that the current meta relies quite heavily on auras, mobility and meteor hammer. Ultimately, 7.32 puts emphasis on players' ability to push early and quickly.

Top 5 best safelane carry heroes at DreamLeague. Data as per April 11 (via <a href="https://stats.spectral.gg/lrg2/?league=dreamleague_s19&amp;mod=heroes-positions-position_1.1" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">Spectral</a>)
Top 5 best safelane carry heroes at DreamLeague. Data as per April 11 (via Spectral)

With Drow Ranger, not only does she have excellent sieging capabilities, she also has her Marksmanship aura which enables her team with up to 50 percent agility. Item-wise, both Aghanim's Shard and Scepter are excellent additions to her kit. These items increase her already extremely high offense at compounding levels through the burst damage of Hypothermia and splinter arrows. For the best Drow Ranger performance at DreamLeague, look no further than Team Spirit's Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk's performance against Talon Esports. Yatoro has a record breaking 30-1 KDA on top of possibly the fastest godlike (10 kills) streak within 10 minutes.

So there you have it folks! We hope that this guide has been enlightening and will inspire you to improve your Dota game with these hero highlights. Although the dawn of a new patch is upon us, we likely still have at least two weeks to make the most out of 7.32. Now get out there and abuse some of these carry heroes, inspired by DreamLeague.

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