Here are the standings for each region of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Season 2.

The Dota Pro Circuit 2021 Season 2 has come to an end and we now have our eighteen teams that will be a part of the WePlay Animajor. 

The WePlay Animajor is the final Dota 2 Major of the current season. This is the last chance for teams to earn DPC Points that contribute to their chances for the WePlay Animajor. Here is a quick overview of each of the six regions for the upcoming Major.

Western Europe

Nigma and Secret will have to fight their way through the wild card slots.

Alliance tops the list with six wins and one loss and will compete in the Animajor playoffs. Team Liquid will move to the group stage while Nigma and Secret will have to contend via the Wild Card stage. Each of these four teams is more than capable of winning the entire tournament.

Eastern Europe

Once again, it’s Virtus.Pro that finishes an undefeated season of the Dota Pro Circuit. 

The Eastern European division saw Natus Vincere’s drastic decline after the team made a roster change. The unexpected roster change has definitely turned the tide for Na’Vi as they are now in sixth place in DPC 2021 season 2. The team’s inability to qualify for the Animajor is bound to hurt their chances for TI10 as well.

Meanwhile, Virtus.Pro completed yet another undefeated season highlighting its dominance in the region. The team was closely followed by Team Spirit whose only loss came against Virtus.Pro. AS Monaco Gambit finishes in third place and will be the only representative for Eastern Europe in the Wild Card stage.


The Chinese upper division standings. Team Aster qualifies for the Animajor playoffs. 

China was possibly the most competitive of all Dota Pro Circuit 2021 regions. With nearly five to six teams in contention for a slot at the WePlay Animajor, it was right until the very end that every team had a chance to make it to the Major. The ultimate tie-breaker saw Vici Gaming pull ahead of PSG.LGD to secure the group stage slot at the Major.

Invictus Gaming will start from the Wild Card stage this time around. The Singapore Majow winner will have to go through some tough competition in order to prove itself once again.

North America

The North American Upper Division standings. 

North American Dota 2 has been all about other teams challenging Quincy Crew and Evil Geniuses. The tussle at the top of the rankings followed a familiar trajectory as Quincy Crew took down EG once again. A playoffs slot for Quincy Crew will go a long way in helping the team grab crucial DPC points. The team needs to finish in the top eight in order to secure the TI10 invite.

South America

The South America Upper division standings. 

South America was one of the biggest surprises during the Singapore Major. After Beastcoast could not attend the event due to COVID, Thunder Predator’s run through the group stage into the top six attracted a lot of raised eyebrows. The team’s synergy and unique playstyle caught some of the biggest names by surprise. Can South America replicate its performance at the WePlay Animajor? If it does, maybe Valve will reconsider the Wild Card slot allotment for next season. Current South American teams do not have any reservations for the Wild Card slot.

Southeast Asia

The Southeast Asia Upper division standings for DPC 2021.

Southeast Asia may be considered the weakest Dota 2 region but NEON esports proved naysayers wrong a few weeks ago. This time around, NEON did not qualify for the Major. But the competitive nature of the season highlights how close some of these teams are when it comes to skill and strategy. T1 esports tops the list and has qualified for the Animajor playoffs. TNC Predator will start in the group stage while Execration, a relatively unknown team on the international stage will get a chance to prove itself against the best teams in the world

Which teams qualified for the WePlay Animajor?

Here are the eighteen teams that qualified for the WePlay Animajor. Image Credit: Wykrhm Reddy

Overall, eighteen teams will have to prove themselves on LAN. As players and talent are slowly arriving in Kyiv, here are the eighteen teams that are perfecting their strategies and drafts. The WePlay Animajor is the last chance for teams to earn DPC 2021 points that could see them secure an invite to The International 10.

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