Valve introduces Dota Plus Pre-Match analytics, a new way to matchmake cover image

Valve introduces Dota Plus Pre-Match analytics, a new way to matchmake

Dota Plus members can now see match details before accepting a match?!

The Newsentry blog is out and with it comes a brand new (and much awaited) 7.35d Patch! Although it's not Crownfall, which is teased for mid-April, the new patch brings a lot of good changes to both matchmaking and gameplay. In terms of matchmaking changes, a new feature has rolled out for Dota Plus members, called the Pre-Match Matchmaker analytics which is going to revolutionize Dota 2 match making for the better.

Dota Plus Pre-Match Matchmaker analytics

As the newsentry blog explains, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to match making analytics. Some players want very even matches against their opponents, some want to get into a game as soon as possible and some just want non toxic team mates. So, included exclusively for the time being for Dota Plus members only, there will be details regarding match quality in the accept match screen. This feature is called the new pre-match matchmaker analytics

This feature in matchmaking is quite unique, and it shows a plethora of important data regarding the match. Details like Region, Skill Balance, Ping, Skill Range, and Behavior score. Rated all on a scale, which can provide a player a better idea of what kind of Dota 2 match they are getting into. Whether it be a close match or a 20 minute stomp.

A preview of the new Dota plus matchmaking feature (Via <a href="">Valve</a>)
A preview of the new Dota plus matchmaking feature (Via Valve)

Additionally, if the match details aren't for the player's liking, there's the Queue Again button. Which, as the name implies, allows for the player to decline that match and continue the search. And the best part? That this is without penalty. So, no need to worry about having a 20 minute decline match penalty.

However, as a reminder, this is for the moment a Dota Plus only feature of Dota Labs. So, to gain this optional feature, you'll need to sign up for Dota Plus, which is a monthly subscription. By locking the new matchmaking feature to Dota Plus, this allows for further testing and tweaking on a smaller sample size. Which can only benefit the new pre-match analytics feature. So combined with the new gameplay changes the Dota 2 community can just survive on a couple more weeks before the Crownfall update.

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