Dota Labs introduced in latest Dota Plus update cover image

Dota Labs introduced in latest Dota Plus update

Three initial set of Dota Lab features to kick things off.

The latest Dota Plus Update has dropped and with it, Valve has introduced a brand new feature - Dota Labs. There’s also a new treasure as well as refreshed seasonal quests and Guild rewards. Here’s all that’s new in the latest Dota Plus update.

What are Dota Labs?

The most exciting new feature in a while in Dota 2 - Dota labs, brings experimental new features to the game. It is a way for Valve to test new, relatively untested features by getting players to grant feedback. 

Today’s blog outlines some of the new features coming our way and we can’t be more excited. Here’s what is currently available in Dota Labs within the game.

Overlay Map

You know your beloved minimap? Why should it be limited to being the mini in the game. The Overlay map is similar to a minimap, except that it is full-screen and translucent. It acts as an ‘overlay’ on your screen. 

Modifier Key Filter Bindings

How many times have you used a Laguna Blade or a Finger of Death on a creep? Have you used Doom on a Neutral creep? And walked away in shame?

The Modifier Filter Bindings allow you to force your key bindings only on enemy heroes. You will also have the option to limit the bindings to either enemies, allies, creeps or heroes.

High visibility Local Hero Healthbar

Dota 2 fights can get messy and when there are a lot of abilities and multiple illusion-control heroes, it can become difficult to track your hero. High Visibility Local Hero health bar allows you to see your hero’s health bar in stark contrast to others’ in the same fight. The enhanced visibility can improve your reaction time and possibly help you survive a gank or a teamfight. 

What is the future of Dota Labs?

Dota Labs is an experimental feature and some features may improve over time, while some others will retire. User feedback plays a big role in determining the future of Dota Lab features in-game. 

While Dota Labs is a very boring name - admitted by devs themselves - some of the options considered give us a glimpse into what could have been. The devs were considering options such as Unstable Concoctions and Tinker’s Tinkerings. 

New Seasonal Treasure

The Dota Plus update also brings a new seasonal treasure. Dota players can redeem the new treasure for shards in-game. The treasure contains cosmetics for This treasure features all new sets for Disruptor, Dark Willow, Spectre, Chaos Knight, Doom, Earth Spirit, Underlord, and Nyx Assassin. The highlight of the treasure is the Sir Molestach Irondrill courier, although chances of obtaining this remain rare.

Dota Guild Tier Rewards

Guild Tier Rewards have been renewed as follows:

Emoticon - lion_bounce
Emoticon - rainbow_phoenix
Emoticon - riki_peaceout
Spray - Aghanim - Push
Spray - Bounty Hunter - Riches
Spray - Hoodwink - Acorn
Chat Wheel - "Что это?! Какая жесть!"
Chat Wheel - "Ooooh, por dios!"
Chat Wheel - "你行你行,你上你上"

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