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Dota gets a world cup at the IESF 14th WEC 2022 in Bali cover image

Dota gets a world cup at the IESF 14th WEC 2022 in Bali


Countries around the world congregate at Bali for the IESF 14th WEC 2022 to prove which nation is the best in Dota.

As the world cup progresses in Doha, Qatar, so too does the International Esports Federation (IESF) 14th World Esports Championships 2022 (WEC 2022) in Bali, Indonesia. Players compete for their nations to become champions of major titles including Dota. The IESF tournament occurring between December 3-10 has a $500,000 prize pool, and $100,000 of it goes to Dota.
Prize Money
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

Countries participating in the WEC 2022 Dota tournament

Countries participating in WEC 2022 Dota tournament (Image screengrabbed via <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">IESF</a>)
Countries participating in WEC 2022 Dota tournament (Image screengrabbed via IESF)
There are 28 participating nations selected . On top of that, IESF partakes in the event as well with a non-national team. The countries are as follows:
Costa Rica
New Zealand
North Macedonia

Full tournament schedule and format

The first phase comprises a group stage occurring between December 3-4. Teams are divided into four groups and will play best-of-one matches against other teams within their respective groups. Top four of each group will move forward to the second phase.
[Updated] Winners of group stage:
  • Group A - Thailand, Laos, Uzbekistan and Mexico,
  • Group B - Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal and Venezuela,
  • Group C - IESF, Bulgaria, Poland and Colombia,
  • and Group D - Brazil, Kyrgystan, Georgia and Australia
WEC 2022 Dota group stage standings (Image via IESF)
WEC 2022 Dota group stage standings (Image via IESF)
In the second phase on December 4-5, the final 16 will be placed in two separate brackets. They will play single-elimination best-of-three matches. Winners of each bracket will progress to the finals occurring on December 6-10. Additionally, runner-ups of each bracket will face each other for the last spot in the finals.
[Updated] Winners of phase two and heading to main event playoffs:
  • Philippines
  • Laos
  • Thailand
WEC 2022 Dota phase two single elimination Dec 4-5 (Image via IESF)
WEC 2022 Dota phase two single elimination Dec 4-5 (Image via IESF)

The host country will head straight to the playoffs

You may have noticed that Indonesia has not played a single game during the first few days of the event. This is because as the host country, Indonesia will automatically head straight to the finals play-offs starting on December 6. That said, Indonesia has brought in a number of big names to represent the country for this tournament. Indonesia's national Dota 2 team is as follows:
  • Syaid "womy" Reski from Army Geniuses
  • Tri "Jhocam" Kuncoro formerly from Nigma Galaxy SEA
  • Randy "Dreamocel" Sapoetra formerly from BOOM Esports
  • Rafli “Mikoto” Rahman from Talon Esports
  • Matthew “Whitemon” Filemon formerly from T1 now TSM
  • Brizio "Hyde" Budiana formerly from Talon Esports
Apart from Indonesia, other countries that qualified for the main event include Algeria, Kazakhstan, Peru and North Macedonia. There are a few other notable players that you may be familiar including but not limited to:
  • Poomipat "Fearless" Trisiripanit formerly from UD Vessuwan representing Thailand
  • Anurat "Boombui" Praianun formerly from Nigma Galaxy SEA representing Thailand
  • Somsak "Nevermine" Chanthavisouk formerly from Polaris Esports representing Laos
  • Souliya "JaCkky" Khoomphetsavong formerly from BOOM Esports representing Laos
  • Bozhidar "bzm" Bogdanov from OG representing Bulgaria
  • Alimzhan "watson" Islambekov who recently joined Entity representing Kazakhstan

Playoffs schedule and results

The main event playoffs will happen on December 6-9 and grand final is set for December 10. Results will be updated below. All times are GMT+8. Last updated on December 9.
WEC 2022 Dota playoffs bracket (Image via IESF updated on Dec. 9)
WEC 2022 Dota playoffs bracket (Image via IESF updated on Dec. 9)
December 6:
  • 09:00 - Indonesia 1 : 0 Algeria
  • 12:20 - Kazakhstan 0 : 2 Philippines
  • 15:30 - Peru 1 : 2 Laos
  • 19:00 - North Macedonia 0 : 2 Thailand
December 7:
  • 09:00 - Algeria (Eliminated) 0 : 2 North Macedonia
  • 12:20 - Kazakhstan 2 : 0 Peru (Eliminated)
  • 15:30 - Indonesia 1 : 2 Philippines
  • 19:00 - Laos 2 : 1 Thailand
December 8:
  • 10:00 - North Macedonia (Eliminated) 0 : 2 Thailand
  • 13:20 - Kazakhstan (Eliminated) 0 : 2 Indonesia
  • 18:00 - Philippines 2 : 1 Laos
December 9:
  • 10:00 - Thailand (Eliminated) 1 : 2 Indonesia
  • 14:00 - Laos (Eliminated) 1 : 2 Indonesia
December 10:
  • 09:00 - Grand finale - Philippines v. Indonesia

Where can you watch the tournament?

IESF WEC 2022 Bali stage at Merusaka Hotel (Image by
IESF WEC 2022 Bali stage at Merusaka Hotel (Image by
The WEC 2022 is a LAN event hosted in partnership with Indonesia's Esports governing body, Pengurus Besar Esports Indonesia (PBESI). The tournament stage itself is located right next to the beach so players and eventgoers can enjoy their matches along with a nice ocean breeze. Tickets are priced at 100 thousand Rupiah (around $7) per day with options for VIP packages and can be purchased here.
As for those who cannot attend in person, you can catch all the Dota games from the event's official YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check in with esports for more information and updates on WEC 2022 and any ongoing tournaments.
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