Dota 2’s Workshop will be flooded with wolves and shirtless assassins thanks to the Fall Call-to-Arms cover image

Dota 2’s Workshop will be flooded with wolves and shirtless assassins thanks to the Fall Call-to-Arms

Wolves, assassins, and Muerta, Oh my! Dota 2’s Workshop is taking set submissions for two popular Personas as part of the Fall Call-to-Arms.

On Friday, September 23, Valve put out its Dota 2 Workshop Fall Call-to-Arms, and in it snuck in some interesting details. Besides the welcome addition of Muerta skins, which we absolutely can’t wait for, both Crystal Maiden's “Conduit of the Blueheart” Persona and the Phantom Assassin “Exile Unveiled” Persona were added into workshop and ready for submissions.

In case you don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of Persona names, those are the Crystal Maiden wolf Persona, and gender-swapped Phantom Assassin Persona. That means we’re likely to see a lot more wolves and lot more double-sword wielding male Phantom Assassins in the Workshop, and hopefully, appearing in a Collector’s Cache as introduced sets in the near future.

We headed to the check out the Dota 2 Workshop Guidelines to see just what we might be in store for with these updates. What's interesting is almost all the Personas have similar limits and dimensions to the original models, despite often being a lot more visually appealing. It just shows how much potential there is on each and every Dota hero for creativity when it comes to sets.

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

What’s more, the fact these Persona’s are being included gives everyone a chance to unlock the Conduit of the Blueheart and Exile Unveiled again, as set variations also unlock the original Persona for you. So if you’ve missed out on the Battle Pass in 2022 (the final Battle Pass as it turns out), there’s hope for you still.

Dota 2 Workshop Fall Call-to-Arms

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

The Dota 2 Fall Call-to-Arms runs until Nov. 26, 2023, closing at midnight of that day (in PDT). You’ll need to tag any submissions with the "Fall 2023" tag. Additionally, if there’s any Spring 2023 submissions still floating around they’re also be included in selection. Hopefully some of those missing favorites from the workshop will make it in (We’re begging for that mech-Venomancer set).

And if you’re a fan, head to the workshop and vote, because we’re pretty sure it helps things get noticed.

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