In what could be the final update before The International, Dota 2 has been tweaked and changed with patch 7.34d.

Dota is primed for the start of The International 2023 as Valve releases Dota 2 Patch 7.34d. In what could possibly be the last patch before TI12 begins, Valve concentrated on hero tweaks and bug fixes, although seemingly came short of dramatic chances. The update released on the late afternoon of October 6, as per blog posts on Dota 2’s official site.

Dota 2 7.34d Hero Changes

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

The majority of heroes received little to no changes with just a few talent tweaks and very minor numbers adjustments. But among the biggest tweaks came to support heroes, reducing the power of those that have been most picked over the past few weeks and months, and bringing others into the fold.

Winter Wyvern had her projectile speed on Splinter Blast and Winter’s Curse improved, likely in an attempt to bring the scaly fiend into the meta. Ogre Magi recieved a lot of changes, increasing their Fireblast range, and increases to the bonuses from Bloodlust. There seems to be a move to bring more old-school supports into the fold in this patch.

(Image via Valve)
(Image via Valve)

In contrast, Treat Protector got again hit with nerfs, with the tree’s Base Damage, Base Mana Regen, and talents seeing some tweaks. Vengeful Spirit also felt the nerf-hammer, as did Shadow Demon, Marci, and Enigma. 

To read the full patch notes, check them out on Valve’s official website.

7.34d Gameplay Patch bug fixes

The Dota 2 7.34d patch also fixed dozens of bugs, preparing the game to be as glitch-free as possible for TI12. With Dota 2’s grandest stage on the horizon, Valve isn’t leaving anything to chance. Here’s a full list of changes:

  • Fixed an area above the Radiant fountain that heroes could get stuck in
  • Fixed Player Perspective not sometimes working correctly when spectating
  • Fixed several issues with Illusions and hotkeys and control groups
  • Fixed Quick Attack not working correctly when clicking on the top bar of the HUD
  • Fixed clicking the Lotus Pool multiple times in quick succession interrupting the channeling of the lotus pool
  • Fixed inconsistent channel bar updates when interacting with the Lotus Pool
  • Fixed Scan button not showing remaining charges if it is not full
  • Fixed the cooldown of duplicate items in inventory like Faerie Fire sometimes getting stuck.
  • Fixed Twin Gates particle effects sometimes revealing usage to the enemy by playing a particle on the last known hero position
  • Fixed Blade Mail not working correctly on Nyx Assassin
  • Fixed Lotus Orb reflect interaction with Channeled spells if it was applied by an ally
  • Fixed Specialist Array applying bonus Crackshot damage when there is only one target
  • Fixed Giant's Ring effects being visible to enemies when the wearer is invisible. Added a debuff icon when receiving damage from an enemy Giant's Ring
  • Fixed using Eul's Scepter on a Debuff Immune unit leading them to get stuck
  • Fixed Arc Warden Tempest Double not preserving both charges of Hand of Midas when re-summoned
  • Fixed Arc Warden Tempest Double receiving experience from creeps denied by enemies
  • Fixed Bounty Hunter Friendly Shadow Shard upgrade costing too much mana
  • Fixed Dawnbreaker Starbreaker not putting Harpoon on cooldown whereas it did for Echo Sabre
  • Fixed Dawnbreaker Solar Guardian sometimes getting cancelled if the target ally goes out of world
  • Fixed Death Prophet fear interrupting channeling spells through Debuff Immunity
  • Fixed Ember Spirit only able to cast Sleight of Fist to the right side while traveling in Fire Remnant
  • Fixed Enchantress Little Friends not being blocked by Linkens Sphere
  • Fixed Invoker's EMP shard effect ignoring collisions and allowing to get units stuck to each other
  • Fixed Kunkka Torrent overriding the target's animations, even if they are debuff immune
  • Fixed Lich Chain Frost On Death talent display on HUD - the buff icon will now only display when you have the talent, and now has a tooltip
  • Fixed Lone Druid Spirit Bear Owner not being able to disassemble items on the Bear
  • Fixed the interaction of Luna's Aghanim's Shard with Silver Edge and Shadow Blade.
  • Fixed Mars Spear of Mars skewering Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
  • Fixed a crash caused by Monkey King mischief which occured when revealing a Monkey King Tree Disguise along with other units at same time
  • Fixed Monkey King Level 25 Jingu Mastery required hits talent not applying to summoned soldiers
  • Fixed Monkey King Fur Army Aghanim's Scepter upgrade not working when Fur Army is off cooldown
  • Fixed Muerta Parting Shot's target's physical form being able to act if it receives debuff immunity
  • Fixed Puck Dream Coil being affected by Status Resistance
  • Fixed Puck Dream Coil effect being removed early if an enemy was affected by two separate dream coils
  • Fixed Queen of Pain Sonic Wave damage not being applied fully if cast on a target affected by Pulverize
  • Fixed Queen of Pain Sonic Wave sometimes dealing an extra instance of damage, and incorrectly rounding when duration is affected by Status Resistance
  • Fixed Sand King Sand Storm Blind/Slow effect staying in the location of the initial cast instead of moving
  • Fixed Slark Pounce applying to Lone Druid's Spirit Bear
  • Fixed Templar Assassin sometimes getting stuck in Meld invisibility if the attack target was destroyed
  • Fixed Treant Protector losing Nature's Guise buff when taking damage while walking on Nature's Grasp. Now has same behavior as when walking in trees
  • Fixed Troll Warlord being sometimes being controllable during Battle Trance
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit receiving Fountain Invulnerability if she swaps places with her Aghanim's Scepter illusion outside of the Fountain
  • Fixed the interaction of Vengeful Spirit's Magic Missile shard with Refreshing and Reflection
  • Fixed Warlock Chaotic Offering Aghanims Scepter upgrade creating golems with non-reduced stats if Warlock moves his scepter into the backpack mid-cast
  • Fixed Shard sometimes causing Weaver Shukuchi invisibility to be dispelled, in particular with the Level 25 +1 Geminate Attack talent
  • Fixed Windrunner sometimes canceling attacks when casting windrun after Focus Fire with Aghanim's Scepter
  • Fixing Wraith King getting bombarded with "Can't Attack" messages if one of his skeletons gets disarmed
  • Fixed Zeus Lightning Hands being affected by dispels
  • Fixed Mirana Level 25 talent listing incorrect value for Starstorm bonus damage

You can read the full list of bug fixes in the Dota 2's 7.34d patch on Valve’s blog post.

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