Dota 2 players had over $295 million worth of levels in the 2022 Battle Pass cover image

Dota 2 players had over $295 million worth of levels in the 2022 Battle Pass

The 2022 Battle Pass accumulated $295,186,972’s worth of levels during its three and a half month run.

(A previous version of this article erroneously stated that Valve had earned $295 million from the 2022 Battle Pass. After being informed by that this figure was in fact the sum of all approximated expenditures from all players based on their levels, it has been amended)

Dota 2’s 2022 Battle Pass has reportedly generated over $295 million worth of levels during its sale period from Sep. 1, 2022 to Jan. 12, 2023. The total value of all levels earned on the Battle Pass appears to be $295,186,972 as per figures obtained from

The largest single contributor to the Battle Pass seems to be a player from China, who wracked up over $50k in levels. China was also the largest national contributor to the Battle Pass with over $10 million spent, and an average estimated purchase of $135. However, the stats are somewhat incomplete, with over 51% of all contributors having their nation as “unspecified.”

Additionally, works out its amounts based on the assumption that all levels were purchased. However, as the Battle Point grinders of the world will know, not every level is purchased. Additionally, this year The International 2022 Swag Bag, gifted levels and the Battle Pass to many players for free.

Huge numbers for the Dota 2 2022 Battle Pass

2022 Battle Pass purchase data (Image via <a href="">Stratz</a>)
2022 Battle Pass purchase data (Image via Stratz)

The Battle Pass has seen over 54,000 players reach level 1000. Half a million players grabbed both Arcanas and Personas, but just over 1.2 million only claimed the Crystal Maiden Persona. Regionally, Europe was the biggest overall spender, with China, North America, and Southeast Asia hot on their tails. 

One of the most surprising countries to hit the top ten was Peru. The country earned equivalent of 1.4 million dollars of levels in the Battle Pass 2022, ahead of their Lima Major hosting later this year. If anyone ever doubted Peru loved Dota, just send them to the Stratz graph.

But behind huge numbers, a rather disappointing fact remains. Of these estimated hundreds of million of dollars earned, just $18 million was used for the TI11 Prize Pool. While, of course, other money is put into the competitive scene by Valve, such as prize pool contributions for the DPC, money paid to organizers, and other costs, the huge amount of money earned by the Battle Pass shows just how lucrative it is. 

It can perhaps act as a reminder that when you spam “Gib Battle Pass” under every Dota 2, Valve almost certainly wants to give it to you. After all, how many games and Battle Passes generated 295 million dollars of revenue? There’s AAA game releases that never see close to those amounts.