Keep track of the biggest roster changes ahead of Tour 2 DPC here.

The first Tour of 2023 is done and dusted and teams are shuffling rosters as we speak. A lot of teams have made changes and are rumored to be making adjustments before the second season begins. We will compile all of the most significant Dota 2 roster changes in this article, so keep your eyes peeled!

Update: If you're looking for Tour 3 DPC roster changes, click below!

*This roster tracker compiles official changes that are announced, changes from the Dota 2 Major registration page, as well as rumors.

Bleed Esports welcomes two renowned veterans

Singaporean org, Bleed Esports, joined the Dota 2 scene ahead of 2023. The team competed in Division I of SEA DPC after acquiring the former slot of T1. Even though the team failed to qualify for the Lima Major, they still survived in Div I and avoided relegation. For Tour 2 DPC, Bleed Esports opt for change and grabbed two renowned free agents in town - DJ and iceiceice.

OG swaperoo: Misha and Chu swap roles

OG decides to switch things up a little bit after they failed to qualify for the Lima Major. Heading into the next season, we'll see pos 5, Misha, return to coaching. On the other hand, Chu, who was OG's coach will assume the pos 5 role.

Knights renamed and disbanded

China team, Knights, had multiple allegations on their back throughout Tour 1 DPC. The first accusation against them was for a regional league match and another during the Lima Major. There have been no follow up to the accusations.

Knights crashed and burned at the Lima Major, finishing last with a disappointing performance. According to the Dota 2 Major registration page, the team has been renamed to Antarctic Penguins and all players have been removed.

Old G might return with a new roster

The familiar faces on Old G might make a return for Tour 2 qualifiers. The team - comprising TI champions trio - last competed in Tour 1 WEU qualifiers but failed in their final step. A Monkey Business Show (MBS) podcast recently hinted at N0tail taking a break and Ceb continuing with the team, but there is no confirmation as of late.

Rumors have it that Resolution will leave Team Secret to play pos 3 in Old G. There are also rumors about Ceb transitioning to pos 4.

Team Secret is rumored to make adjustments

Following a disappointing performance in WEU DPC and missing the first Dota 2 Major, a roster shuffle in Team Secret is no surprise. Rumors have it that Team Secret will replace two of its players - W_Zayac and Recolution. Its midlaner, BOOM, might switch to offlane as he has been seen spamming offlane heroes in pubs.

UPDATE: It is confirmed, Resolution and Zayac, leave Team Secret. Their replacements have yet to be announced. benches carry and pos 5

The popular CIS team, drops its carry, krylat, and pos 5, Dukalis. The team faced an unfortunate incident when its initial carry player, Koma, was banned for account sharing. The team had to sign a player last minute, grabbing krylat. After a disappointing season and missing out on the Lima Major, decides to change their roster, dropping krylat and Dukalis. The team then announced the addition of young player, Kiritych, and notable captain, fng.

PSG.LGD changes offlaner

Interestingly, PSG.LGD opted to change its offlaner. The team had a great run during the first CN DPC season, grabbing first place ahead of Team Aster. However, PSG.LGD faced an unfortunate incident when the team couldn't come to the Lima Major in full formula. Its then-offlaner, Li "项羽" Longwu, had VISA issues and were replaced by Ren "old eLeVeN" Yangwei. After a disappointing performance at the Major, PSG.LGD swapped its offlaner with Malaysian player, Nicholas "zeal" Lim.

We will update this article with more roster changes for Tour 2 DPC. Stay tuned to for more Dota 2 news!

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