Dota 2 player trashtalks KuroKy in official match, proceeds to lose in 16 minutes cover image

Dota 2 player trashtalks KuroKy in official match, proceeds to lose in 16 minutes

KuroKy did not come to play.

The qualifiers of DreamLeague Season 23 delivered some wild stories. The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region especially didn't miss, with a slightly more amusing story than the rest. The Lower Bracket paired the prominent Nigma Galaxy against an Iranian stack called COPPYBEBRA. To a surprise, the elimination series was filled with unhinged all-chats and behavior including a targeted trashtalk against Nigma Galaxy's captain, Kuro "KuroKy" Salehi Takhasomi.

In the beginning of the first game, the position 5 of COPPYBEBRA, "MJ", typed in the all chat: "[KuroKy] when retire?"

(Screenshot via <a href="">Reddit</a>)
(Screenshot via Reddit)

KuroKy and Nigma Galaxy did not react to the all-chat throughout the entire game. No chats, no tips. In a hilarious turn of events, the game unfolded into a brutal one-sided stomp for Nigma Galaxy, finishing with a 23 - 1 kill score and a GG call at 16 minutes. But that's not even the craziest highlight of this series. The second game spiraled to have even more unpleasant all-chats and game behavior. Here's what happened in game two.

Nigma Galaxy rush Meteor Hammers against an unserious COPPYBEBRA

The start of game two saw COPPYBEBRA's midlaner typing: "[Boys] go 5v5 bot rune?" The team continued to consistently spam the all chat, telling Nigma Galaxy to "stop deny" or to "relax".

At one point in the game, the midlaner also dropped his items in front of Miracle-'s Gyrocopter who didn't react to it. The team would even tell if they were about to make a move. Towards the end of the game, COPPYBEBRA asked Nigma Galaxy to wait until 20 minutes and they will surrender.

A lot of people on Reddit criticized the team's behavior as it is borderline match-fixing and is very distasteful to competition. Plus the fact that this is taking place in a tier 1 tournament qualifier, a very much high-stake competition.

"Kuro holding back his team once again" - MJ provokes KuroKy for the second time

The second game also saw MJ take another jab towards KuroKy. He stated, "Kuro [holding] back his team once again. [Unlucky]." The team's carry Lifestealer, A1one, immediately apologized for his friend and said that he doesn't know how to "communicate" and that they don't mean to disrespect.

Throughout the second game, it was clear that COPPYBEBRA did not want to seriously compete against Nigma Galaxy. The players of Nigma rushed Meteor Hammers to quickly push objectives. They did not respond to the barrage of all-chats and simply ended the game at minute 20. After the throne exploded, none of the Nigma Galaxy players replied "GG" to the opponent, marking a cold end to the series.

This entire shenanigan became a hot topic on Reddit as users link together to defend KuroKy (ironically). The veteran player is one of the most successful Dota 2 players of all time, having won The International in 2017 among many other achievements.

However, the "KuroKy should retire" sentiment has floated around the community for a while. The captain has struggled to bring his team to the top these past couple of years. Despite his lackluster performance, the community's respect for KuroKy remains.

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