Dota 2 Dec. 18 patch fixes hero bugs and makes Khanda slightly more balanced cover image

Dota 2 Dec. 18 patch fixes hero bugs and makes Khanda slightly more balanced

The Khanda was a new item added in Dota 2’s Frostivus update, and luckily Valve has fixed one of the biggest bugs with the item.

We’re less than a week out from the release of Frostivus and while the reception to Dota 2’s winter patch may be mixed, the amount of gameplay changes were still large. But while the community complains, Valve has been hard at work making Dota just a little bit more playable. And one major target of fixes was new item Khanda.

Khanda, in theory, is a situational Dota 2 item, used as a final feather in the cap of a fully stacked carry. But, in practice, it has become a kind of meme item that people buy in 90-minute games to pair with five rapiers and make Dota into whack-a-mole with heroes. 

Still, one unintended issue that arose was it having a separate cooldown to its component item, Phylactery. This was kind of a rare use case, but it meant that a Phylactery and a Khanda could use the Empower Spell ability. Essentially, there were likely Lion’s out there just deleting three people in a fight.

Still Valve has now handled this bug, and Khanda, and whole load of other Dota 2 bug fixes have been implemented. Here’s an exhaustive list, as per the patch notes:

Dota 2 Dec. 18, 2023 bug fixes

  • Fixed Bloodstone Area Of Effect bonus still active on passive abilities if it was dropped or sold
  • Fixed Bloodthorn mana regen being 3.0 instead of 3.5 from the sum of its components
  • Fixed Butterfly not counting hero's base attack speed for its bonuses
  • Fixed Cleave not working on magical attacks (i.e. Revenant's Brooch)
  • Fixed a rare server crash when toggling Doubloon
  • Fixed Khanda not doing lethal damage correctly
  • Fixed Khanda and Phylactery not sharing cooldowns
  • Fixed Tree Throw, Toss, Snowball, Soul Assumption and Sticky Bomb not triggering Phylactery/Khanda
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between Phylactery/Khanda and and Spectre Spectral Dagger
  • Fixed Phylactery/Khanda working on illusions
  • Fixed Meteor Hammer incorrectly giving more agility than intelligence
  • Fixed Parasma not granting 1.5 Mana Regen from its components
  • Fixed Revenant's Brooch incorrectly giving true strike
  • Fixed a server crash caused by interaction between Abaddon Apothic Shield expiring, Safety Bubble, and Blade Mail
  • Fixed Arc Warden Tempest Double not cloning Royal Jelly
  • Fixed Dawnbreaker Starbreaker sometimes not going in the direction targeted
  • Fixed non-ranged units getting true strike benefits of Drow Ranger Glacier
  • Fixed some cases where Drow Ranger could get stuck trying to leave her Glacier
  • Fixed Chen Penitence granting bonus attack range to Chen's melee creeps
  • Fixed Chen Divine Favor regeneration not applying to Chen's creeps
  • Fixed Chen level 10 talent Divine Favor Teleport delay talent not applying correctly
  • Fixed Invoker not being able to pick up Lotuses from the Lotus Pools
  • Fixed Juggernaut Blade Fury attack rate not updating if Juggernaut's Attack Speed changes.
  • Fixed Juggernaut Omnislash/Swift Slash not damaging ethereal units even with Revenant's Brooch
  • Fixed Juggernaut Blade Fury incorrect interaction with Harpoon
  • Fixed Lich Chain Frost not being affected by AOE Increase
  • Fixed items in the Bear's stash becoming lost when Lone Druid upgrades the Bear
  • Fixed Omniknight Guardian Angel charges not updating properly upon acquiring and dropping Aghanim's Scepter
  • Fixed Pangolier Shield Crash damage type not correctly changed to Physical Damage
  • Fixed a rare serve crash with Pudge Dismember
  • Fixed Silencer Last Word dealing less damage to creeps than intended
  • Fixed Black Dragon splash attack not working correctly
  • Fixed a few server crashes
  • Fixed various tooltip issues
  • Re-added Hero Names as an option for heroes on the minimap
  • Fixed minimap settings preview not scaling the arrow when scaling the icon
  • Fixed a bug where previewing persona items would sometimes show on the base model (or vice versa) in Armory / Loadout

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