Dota 2 just dropped Patch 7.33d – nerfing a handful of overpowered heroes.

Surprise, surprise! Valve drops a minor patch in Dota 2, Patch 7.33d to tweak and balance a number of heroes and items. This update dropped while we are in the midst of DreamLeague Season 20 and are two weeks away from the Bali Major.

Item changes in Patch 7.33d

There are only four changes for Dota 2 items. The Eternal Shroud is buffed and now has a cheaper cost (-200 gold). Its Shroud Mana conversion is also increased by 5%.

The Octarine Core has a change in recipe. While it used to need a combination of Preserverance, Soul Booster and Recipe, it now needs two Void Stones, a Soul Booster, and Recipe. The cost remains the same. This item no longer provides the bonus health regeneration but its mana regen bonus is amped from +3.25 to +5.

The Ring of Health is nerfed by 0.25 and this also affects the Vanguard. Vanguard's health regen bonus is decreased by the same amount and its damage block is taken down from 56/28 to 50/25 (melee/ranged).

Hero changes in Patch 7.33d

A lot of heroes are knocked flat by the nerf hammer in Patch 7.33d. This nerf wave affects mainly the strongest meta heroes including Void Spirit, Techies, and Windranger. But alongside the nerfs, there are also a number of buffs to "dead" heroes including Lina, Nature's Prophet, and Razor.

Here is a full list of heroes that receive buffs and nerfs in Patch 7.33d.

Arc Warden
Bounty Hunter
Nature's Prophet
Primal Beast
Crystal Maiden
Legion Commander
Monkey King
Nyx Assassin
Phantom Lancer
Queen of Pain
Spirit Breaker
Void Spirit
Winter Wyvern

Biggest nerfs in Dota 2 Patch 7.33d

One of the biggest nerfs hit a Universal nuisance, Void Spirit. Its Base Strength, Strength gain, and Intelligence gain are all decreased. The Mana Cost for Dissimilate is increased and Astral Step's damage is notched down. Its Level 15 Outer Dissimilate Ring talent has been swapped with the Level 20 Resonant Pulse damage.

Techies also faced the brunt of the patch. This pesky hero has been dominating the support role since Patch 7.33 dropped. But Valve has now nerfed Techies' Base Attack Speed, damage of the Sticky Bomb, as well as, Blast Off!'s stun duration.

Windranger has absolutely stomped pubs after the new update. However, Patch 7.33d attempts to remove her dominance in Dota 2. Windranger's Base Attack Speed and Strength gain is decreased. Her Windrun's Aghanim's Scepter buff, which reduces physical damage taken, is notched down from 50% to 35%. However, Focus Fire receives a slight buff to its damage reduction.

Pangolier is one of the nightmares of the Universal attribute. In Patch 7.33d, Dota 2 reduced his base movement speed by only 5. But his Swashbuckle dash range has been taken down significantly for the first two levels, scaling from 550/650 to 400/550.

Abaddon received a handful of nerfs to his abilities despite not really having a strong showing. His Base Attack Speed suffers a massive nerf from 120 to 95. His Aphotic Shield's mana cost is increased and the Aghanim's Shard bonus slow for Curse of Avernus is also notched down by 5%.

Clinkz has been a powerful force in Dota 2, from a dead hero to an overpowered skeleton. But in Patch 7.33d, he received a number of nerfs. This includes mana cost increment for Tar Bomb, and a slower movement speed bonus from Skeleton Walk. Death Pact's Skeleton Archers are also now a little weaker with these changes:

  • Burning Skeleton Archers now have the same target priority as Shadow Shaman's Serpent Wards
  • Roshan's attacks now count as hero attacks for the Skeleton Archers
  • Hero Hits to kill the Skeleton Archers decreases from 3 to 2

Although only a few, the changes to Magnus are pretty significant. His Base Agility is taken down from 15 to 9. The Empower spell is also less effective for Magnus as its self-cast bonus decreases from 75% to 50%. Ouch.

Doom has been hovering the meta for a long time and nothing seemed strong enough to give this hero a setback. But in Patch 7.33d, Dota 2 rescaled his Devour bonus gold and reduced his bonus movement speed for Scorched Earth.

Biggest buffs in Dota 2 Patch 7.33d

Valve is bringing Leshrac back! Patch 7.33d increased Split Earth's radius, decreased Diabolic Edict's cooldown, increased Lightning Storm's damage and Nihilism's radius.

Oh, look who it is. It's none other than the notorious Lina who ruled the first Tour of Dota 2 mercilessly. But following brutal nerfs in the new patch, Lina hasn't been contested in the pro scene and completely vanished.

Patch 7.33d wants to bring her back to existence by buffing her Dragon Slave cooldown, Fiery Soul Shard, and Flame Cloack spell amplification.

Another hero who vanished from this Tour is Nature's Prophet. But this patch brought a handful of buffs to his abilities which might see his return. His attack range is increased by 20. Nature's Call now has a lower mana cost and cooldown. Other than that, the Curse of the Oldgrowth now has a bigger DPS per tree.

If you want to check out the full Patch 7.33d notes, you can click here.

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