Will Patch 7.33c be enough to bring down the crazy snake lady?

A second Dota 2 update for the mega-patch 7.33 is here! Patch 7.33c delivered quite a bunch of significant tweaks and hero rebalancing including nerfs to Medusa and other overpowered heroes. Find out a summary of the biggest changes in Patch 7.33c below!

General changes - Wisdom Rune, Tormentor, more

Patch 7.33c decided that a single hero claiming the delicious Wisdom Rune is a bit too selfish. In this new patch, any hero picking up the Wisdom Rune will also grant experience to its lowest-level ally. If the lowest-level hero picks up the Wisdom Rune, the extra XP will go to the second lowest-level ally.

IceFrog didn't like that some heroes can kill Tormentor without tasting the painful damage reflect. So in Patch 7.33c, any hero attacking the Tormentor will be affected by the reflected damage REGARDLESS of distance.

Heroes can now gain a lot more by stacking camps! Previously, those who stack camps will earn 30% of the gold revenue, but this time around, they'll also gain 30% of the XP gained.

Patch 7.33c punishes Berlin Major's strongest heroes

The nerf hammer hit Alchemist quite hard with multiple tweaks to his abilities. His base movement speed is slowed, the Unstable Concoction's cooldown is increased by two seconds, the Greevil's Greed Base Bonus and Extra Bonus Gold are both decreased by one and the Chemical Rage movement speed for earlier levels is also decreased.

Alchemist is arguably the most successful hero at the Berlin Major. He is one of the three most contested heroes with numerous picks and bans. He also rocked a 65% win rate.

Valve also (expectedly) nerfed Medusa - the most talked about hero right now. Patch 7.33c nerfs Medusa's Mystic Snakes, adding additional cooldowns for the earlier levels. Mana Shield, the "broken" spell also received balance changes. Damage per Mana is decreased by maximum 0.4 and her Bonus Mana is also massively decreased - from 200/225/250/275/300 to 0/50/100/150/200.

These balance changes have long been expected since Medusa's dominance at the Berlin Major. Despite not being the most "popular hero" in terms of picks and bans, she boasted a ridiculous 75% win rate - the highest at the tournament. Even among pro players in pubs, Medusa reigns supreme.

Highest win rate heroes in different roles (May 14 2023)<br>Screencapped from <a href="https://stratz.com/heroes" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener nofollow">STRATZ</a>
Highest win rate heroes in different roles (May 14 2023)
Screencapped from STRATZ

Apart from that, other popular heroes at the Berlin Major also received some tweaking. Keeper of the Light, the most picked position four hero received massive nerfs to its Blinding Light. The spell has its damage decreased, radius decreased, cast range nerfed in the early game, and cooldown increased.

Void Spirit, one of the most picked midlaners, received an overall nerf. Its base damage, Aether Remnant's damage, and Resonant Pulse's damage are now decreased.

Other heroes that were nerfed include Doom, Beastmaster, Legion Commander, Pangolier, Riki, and Slark.

Big buffs in Patch 7.33c

While the popular heroes suffer nerfs, the lesser-picked heroes acquired massive buffs. This includes the beloved support hero, Earthshaker.

Earthshaker has fallen off a little, especially following the massive changes to stuns. But this hero might resurface with recent buffs to all its abilities. Fissure's range is increased by 200, Enchant Totem got a minor buff to its cast point, and Aftershock's stun duration is increased. Echo Slam is also more valuable now with its damage and radius increased, and its cooldown reduced.

Spirit Breaker also received a handful of tweaks to all its abilities.

Bulldoze and Nether Strike now have lower cooldowns. The status resistance gained from Bulldoze is increased by 5% on every level. The same goes for his 'movement speed as damage' for Greater Bash which sees a 5% increase on every level. However, Charge of Darkness can no longer target debuff immune enemies without Aghanim's Scepter.

Another hero that was blessed with buffs in Patch 7.33c is Zeus.

His mana cost for Arc Lightning is reduced by 5 on every level. This is pretty great for a spell that is constantly spammed and can save you tons of mana. His ultimate, the Thundergod's Wrath also received a damage increase of 50 on every level.

Apart from these heroes, there are others that got seemingly minor buffs. A few dead heroes in the new patch, Lina and Nature's Prophet received some buffs. Others including Chaos Knight, Lifestealer, Mars, Primal Beast, Death Prophet, Invoker and Hoodwink were also buffed in 7.33c.

Items and Neutral Items balance changes

There are plenty of minor tweaks to many different items and neutral items. But the biggest ones are against offlane items that have been utilized to the max during this patch.

One of the biggest nerfs is on the Pipe of Insight. Its health regen bonus is decreased, magic resistance bonus is decreased, and the barrier mana cost is increased by 50.

Crimson Guard and Vanguard also received the brunt of the patch. Crimson Guard now costs a little more and requires 75 mana to activate. On the other hand, Vanguard has a health regen decrease and damage block decrease.

Neutral items had very minor tweaks in Patch 7.33c. Biggest buffs were given to Duelist Gloves, Spark of Courage, Specialist's Array, and Ascetic's Cap. Meanwhile nerfs were given to Trusty Shovel, Vambrace, Spell Prism, and more.

You can read the full Patch 7.33c notes here. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more Dota 2 news and updates!

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