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Dota 2 patch 7.32d nerfs Wraith pact and buffs tons of other items cover image

Dota 2 patch 7.32d nerfs Wraith pact and buffs tons of other items


The newest of the Dota 2 patches is here with 7.32d! There are only a couple changes to the items, but they are pretty big, so hop on in!

Valve has graced the Dota 2 community with a brand-new patch. The new 7.32d patch has mainly hero changes. However, the few items changes that are in the new patch are pretty significant. The main nerf is the most infamous item of TI11, Wraith Pact. There are also some other notable item changes, so let's dive right in.

Wraith Pact's damage mitigation nerf

It is no surprise that a nerf was coming to the Wraith Pact item. With it being the item of TI11, it's the item that almost every team needed a carrier of. The ability to not only provide a lifesteal and damage aura, but to reduce 30% of all damage done by enemies for 25 seconds is a massive hindrance to opposing teams. However, with 7.32d, the damage mitigation has changed to only affect physical damage from attacks and spells. So, luckily for spellcasters who can do magic or pure damage, they're safe from the pact.
The Wraith Pact changes of 7.32d. Image via Valve.
The Wraith Pact changes of 7.32d. Image via Valve.

Guardian Greaves might make its return

A fan favorite support item has gotten a bit of a buff in 7.32d. Originally, and the reason why Guardian Greaves has seen diminishing use is the high cost of the item for what it provides. The greaves would provide an AOE basic dispel with health and mana. Additionally, it would provide health regeneration and an armor aura. But this aura would increase up to 18.5 regen and 10 armor when an ally falls below 20% health. In the new patch, the threshold has increased to 25%, while also being at 1,450 gold. Although the buff is minor, this might entice players to pick it up once more.
Guardian Greaves changes in 7.32d. Image via Valve.
Guardian Greaves changes in 7.32d. Image via Valve.

Other item changes

There are a couple other small changes to items. Although there aren't as many changes as in the hero changes of 7.32d, the changes are still noteworthy. Here are the rest of the item changes:
  • Blade Mail: Active damage returned to 85%
  • Bloodstone: Health and Mana bonus decreased to 500
  • Boots of Bearing: Total cost decreased to 4,075
  • Crimson Guard: Armor bonus increased to 8
  • Drums of Endurance: Recipe reduced to 500
  • Pipe of Insight: Magical Damage Barrier block increased to 450
  • Veil of Discord: Stat bonuses increased to +5
And those are the rest of the item changes of 7.32d. Although the changes are small, they are no less important to the Dota 2 ecosystem. You can check out the full patch notes on the Dota 2 blog here. For more Dota 2 content, stick around on
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Noah Pather
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