Dota 2’s highly anticipated next patch, notionally the 7.33 update, will be unveiled on March 6, following the Lima Major.

We’ve wondered, we’ve hoped, and finally (maybe) we know when Dota 2’s next patch will apparently drop. The Dota 2 7.33 update is reportedly set to release on March 6, the day following the conclusion of the Lima Major 2023, in Peru. The news was seemingly released in a surprise post by Dota spokesman Wykrhm Reddy, and a supporting post on Dota 2’s official website.

The deleted announcement tweet
The deleted announcement tweet

However, the initial tweet was quickly deleted, and replaced with a second post that was slightly differently worded. Reddy had added the word “unveiled” suggesting that the actual release date may be later. As a result, some fans immediately tempered their expectations, as replies to the second tweet show.

The news post also softened the blow by saying the following: “Once the Major Champions have been crowned and the Tour comes to a close, we look forward to unveiling our next update on March 6.” The word "unveiling" rather than "releasing" has us worried. Or maybe we're reading too much into a typo being corrected. So the next patch is definitely coming after the Lima Major. Maybe. Perhaps. We hope so…

The Lima Major approaches!

Alongside the soft patch release announcement, the Dota 2 news page was updated with details of a sale on Supporters Clubs. Supporters Clubs are now 75% off until the end of the Winter Tou (Tour 1). That means until the end of the Lima Major.

As a reminder, the post stated that as always, 50% of every Supporters Club sale goes directly to the team.

Fantasy has also been adjusted for the Lima Major, with packs only containing Major-qualified team’s players, and the Fantasy will run daily. Just like how it was at TI11. They also linked back to the 2023 Dota 2 Fantasy guide.

Overall, it's a slightly anticlimactic announcement. We should have the patch after the Major, but we’ll definitely know what’s in it on March 6. 

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