Dota 2 Jan. 8 Update fixes Frostivus bugs and broken Treasure Chests cover image

Dota 2 Jan. 8 Update fixes Frostivus bugs and broken Treasure Chests

A small update to Dota 2 on January 8 fixed some major and minor bugs, as well as solving some issues with Frostivus chests.

While it still feels like the Winter break for some, Valve has been hard at work updating Dota 2 (we hope), and yesterday evening released a small patch fixing some frustrating bugs and other issues. Released for Dota 2 late on Jan. 8 (but Jan. 9 for the rest of the world), the untitled update fixed one crucial issue: Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chests missing some of the more unusual variants.

As per the post on the Dota 2 Steam Page: “Some items from the Frostivus 2023 Treasure Chest were missing unusual variants. Those have been added. Over the next couple days, unusual items from these sets that should have been dropped will be granted.”

Beyond this Valve has been fixing a few minor bugs and issues, including particle issues, and Lina apparently getting permanent Fiery Soul stacks. You’re telling us Lina is broken in January? Feels like 2023 all over again. Here’s a full breakdown of the fixes:

Dota 2 Jan. 8 Update fixes

  • Fixed Frostivus wards not being selectable/attackable
  • Fixed an issue where pinging certain items in quickbuy could cause the game to lag for teammates
  • Fixed an issue where Arc Warden Tempest Doubles could gain gold by selling Midas
  • Fixed Doom Devour Neutral abilities not leveling up automatically at the time when neutral abilities would scale
  • Fixed Lina permanently gaining Fiery Soul stacks until she casts another spells if she was broken when supercharging with Laguna Blade
  • Fixed Tiny Tree particle showing at the wrong time
  • Fixed a rare server crash with motion controlled abilities (e.g. Spirit Breaker Charge of Darkness)
  • Fixed an issue with Profile Showcase where items could appear floating before the rest of the hero loaded and fixed an issue with anchor points on ultrawide monitors
  • Added missing descriptions for various recipes
  • Fixed some bugs in the tutorials in the Learn tab caused by the 7.35 Gameplay Patch

These fixes were apparently made over the past few days, so if you didn’t notice it, you can be forgiven. Valve hasn’t given a date for their next big patch, but we kind of expect it to drop in February, right in time to disrupt some tournaments.

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