According to sources reporting to, UK esports organization Into the Breach is searching for an SEA Dota 2 squad.

Ahead of the next season of the Dota Pro Circuit, Into The Breach Esports (ITB) is searching for a new Southeast Asian Dota 2 squad. A source, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to claiming that the team is looking for a new SEA roster, as well as potentially partnering with a new sponsor or investment company.

It is rumored that the new ITB SEA team will consist of an existing Indonesian stack in Div II of the SEA DPC. In the best interests of the potential players and teams involved, they are not disclosed.

This interest in an SEA roster was was later confirmed by Into the Breach CEO, Sam Cook. Commenting on the report, Cook stated: "We are indeed looking for an SEA roster - though this is still tentative."

The future of ITB: Two teams, two regions

ITB will potentially join the SEA DPC (Image via Epulze)
ITB will potentially join the SEA DPC (Image via Epulze)

The CEO went on to explain that this new Into the Breach SEA roster wouldn't affect their current Western Europe-based roster. "We're actively scouting and will hopefully be entering the next DPC with both an SEA and EU roster."

Cook also explained the reasoning behind the potential SEA acquisition: "It's a great market and aligned with our sponsor aims, alongside our international ambitions across esports/Dota."

As a result, the future of Into The Breach will be in both the SEA and WEU DPC. The org will compete in both regions, should the deal go through. This isn't unprecedented in the Dota 2 world. OG most recently attempted to qualify for Div II of the DPC with its Old G squad. And Alliance currently competes with rosters in both the WEU and South American DPC leagues.

Who are Into the Breach?

ITB's WEU roster (Image via ITB)
ITB's WEU roster (Image via ITB)

Into The Breach (ITB) is a British esports organization that was formed in 2020, and have participated in a total of two DPCs in the WEU region. The organization also has rosters in CS:GO, Trackmania, and Sim Racing. This past DPC season, the squad unfortunately missed out on retaining their Div I status, falling to Div II with a 7th place finish to DPC WEU 2023 Tour 1: Division I. They will compete in Div II for the second Tour.

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