Russian DOTA 2 competitor Dyrachyo has been nominated for Forbes’ 30 under 30 award.

Dota 2 has filled the competitive esports space since 2013, but who would have ever thought one of the game's competitive players would be nominated for Forbes' 30 under 30? Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov was recently nominated, adding a new precedent for upcoming esports competitors.

Dyrachyo, who is only 21 years of age, has been a prominent figure within the Dota 2 scene for quite some time now.

Gaimin Gladiators player Dyrachyo could win Forbes' 30 under 30

As a player for the esports organization "Gaimin Gladiators" Dyrachyo has made quite the name for himself in the esports and DOTA 2 community. After taking home first place in the recent DreamLeague Season 19 Playoffs, Dyrachyo has been on fire within the DOTA 2 realm.

The 30 under 30 award falls under Forbes' "Sport and Esports" category. The award is there to recognize those who have achieved unfathomable feats and have created significant impacts within their field all while being under the age of 30.

Dyrachyo (Image via Twitter)
Dyrachyo (Image via Twitter)

Not only is Dyrachyo under the age of 30, but he is nine years below it. This makes him one of the younger contestants up for the award.

The community will vote for the award. There will then be a panel of judges who will choose the final winner. Those looking to vote can do so at this link.

Dyrachyo sets a high bar for fellow esports competitors

Would people have expected 10 years ago that a gamer would be up for this award? Probably not.

That being said, esports continuously proves time and time again why it is at the top for entertainment. As the industry grows, we should expect to see more professional gamers take the spotlight like Dyrachyo.

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