It’s been a rough two years for Dota 2. The start to 2022 does not look promising.

Today the Dota 2 community received a shock announcement. Valve canceled the first Major of the season, effectively negating the past two months of professional games and DPC matches. The community was not pleased. 

In an unexpected blog post, Valve announced that the first Major stands canceled. It’s not an online league, there’s no ‘new format’, it’s just canceled. It was a massive surprise, not just to fans but to many players and community members as well. Quincy Crew’s CCNC opened up his stream to express his frustrations at Valve’s handling of not just this Major but of the Dota 2 esports scene in general. Here are some of the community reactions to Valve's handling of the situation and canceling the Major.

Players react to Valve’s announcement

Ponlo recently joined Quincy Crew, flying from SEA to NA to start the new season with Quinn and co.

Canceling the Major opened new problems for Valve, as they had to decide what to do with the DPC points and prize money allocated to the first Major. Valve has decided to redistribute the DPC points across the 2nd and 3rd Majors. They have given no information about the prize pool. 

The biggest criticism by players and community members was the lack of communication. The DPC season started in early December and lasts nearly two months. Valve’s lack of communication means that the entire first tour of the DPC might just be meaningless. 

The uncertainty surrounding the Dota 2 esports scene and lack of tournaments is a big issue. Several players do not earn enough money for a living from Dota 2, but the sudden cancelation of a Major is a huge blow to their future.

The Dota 2 Subreddit: The community reactions to no Valve Major

While the cancelation has directly affected pro players and community members, fans are not pleased with this decision. The lack of a post-TI Dota 2 patch, a stale meta and now the lack of a Dota 2 Major for at least a few more months have left a sour taste.

Valve has also not announced what it plans to do with the Major prize pool. Dota 2 Major have a $500,000 prize pool. 

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