Here’s some clarification about Dota 2’s TORONTOTOKYO and TFT’s torontotokyo.

The main Teamfight Tactics (TFT) broadcast used an incorrect photo to represent one of its competitors. While TFT player torontotokyo is from the United States, there exists a Dota 2 player from Russia by that same name.

An incorrect photo of TFT player torontotokyo (Image via Frodan)
An incorrect photo of TFT player torontotokyo (Image via Frodan)

Dota 2 TORONTOTOKYO versus TFT torontotokyo

TFT caster and streamer Dan "Frodan" Chou pointed this out in response to a now-deleted post by the official TFT social media account.

"The official TFT worlds player video used the picture of DOTA2 Pro TORONTOTOKYO instead of the NA TFT player," Frodan wrote.

His post included an image of the incorrect photo of TFT's torontotokyo situated among other players. An additional image in Frodan's post featured Dota 2's TORONTOTOKYO and his Liquidpedia page.

Who is TFT's torontotokyo?

Torontotokyo is a Challenger TFT player. According to, He's currently ranked at 55 among North American (NA) players. Throughout 2022 and 2023, he's participated in several B-tier tournaments.

This year, he won second place at the Runeterra Reforged: NA Last Chance Qualifier and made it to the top eight in the Runeterra Reforged: NA Regional Finals.

Here's the list of torontotokyo's TFT achievements so far:

2023Oct. 298thA-TierRuneterra Reforged: NA Regional Finals
2023Oct. 1612thC-TierDSG Trails: TFT
2023Oct. 152ndQualifierRuneterra Reforged: NA Last Chance Qualifier
2023Sep. 30139thB-TierRuneterra Reforged: NA Noxus Cup
2023Aug. 1263rdB-TierRuneterra Reforged: NA Shurima Cup
2023July 978thB-TierRuneterra Reforged: NA Freljord Cup
2023April 2325thB-TierMonsters Attack: Mecha Cup
2022Oct. 0140thB-TierDragonlands: Dragon Cup
2022July 30116thB-TierDragonlands: Jade Cup

Who is Dota 2's TORONTOTOKYO?

Meanwhile, Alexander "TORONTOTOKYO" Khertek is a Dota 2 player who currently plays for BetBoom Team. He's an accomplished competitor with many first-place finishes.

A few of his victories include the Dota Pro Circuit Eastern Europe 2023 Tour 1: Division 1 (DPC EEU 2023 Tour 1: Division I) tournament, PGL Arlington Major 2022, and The International 10 (TI10) in 2021.

During the 2023 DPC season, a video revealed TORONTOTOKYO's thoughts on the Group Stage. He also talked about his current team in the vignette.

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