Doom will struggle to find his identity in the new Dota 2 order cover image

Doom will struggle to find his identity in the new Dota 2 order

As Doom struggles to find his identity in the New World Order (7.34), here’s when you should pick Doom in your pub games.

For as long as one can remember, Doom has been one of the most powerful heroes in the game. And the reason is simply his name - or rather his ability with the same name - Doom. As the name suggests, any opponent that is Doomed goes into despair, unable to use items and abilities and basically becomes a creep with damage. But the 7.34 Dota 2 update removed one crucial part of Doom’s ultimate. Heroes are no longer muted when Doomed, which means they can use items and don’t simply have to rely on right-clicking enemies.

Why is Doom a big deal?

Dota 2 is a game with more than a hundred heroes and a similarly large number of items. Then there are talents and neutral items, all of which contribute to the game’s complexity. Despite the large variety of items, abilities, and more, the core mechanics of the game are not rare. Multiple heroes will have stuns, slows, and even Crowd Control abilities. 

But Doom was and has always been special. The Hero’s namesake ultimately completely renders an opponent useless. You could have six slots full of items and a terror to deal with, but one single Doom will render you rather ineffective.

Doom’s ultimate used to mute targets. Doomed units couldn’t use abilities and couldn’t use items either. So if you are a support hero in the mid to late game, not being able to use your abilities isn’t great. But when you can’t even use your items to save yourself or your teammates, it’s a whole new level of despair.

When should you pick Doom in 7.34?

Undoubtedly, the update is one of the biggest nerfs for Doom over the past decade. But there are still cases where Doom might be a good pick.

As you can see in the video above, despite using items such as BKB, the Doomed unit is still silenced throughout. This means certain heroes that rely heavily on movement abilities and healing themselves will be at a disadvantage. Morphling, Anti Mage, Necro, and Alchemist players will still be wary of a Doom. 

However, Doom pales in comparison to most other offlaners in the current patch. There should be a significant drop in Doom's pick rate in pro matches following the 7.34 Dota 2 update.

The 7.34 update also adds a new Slow resistance mechanic. As the name suggests, slow resistance reduces the impact of slows on your hero. At the same time, Status Resistance no longer interacts with Slows anymore

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