The Crownfall Collector’s Cache is out! Here’s all sixteen new sets available in the Treasure.

Crownfall Act III dropped today and with it an exciting new Treasure - Crownfall Collector's Cache. This special Treasure comprises the best and most-voted for sets that are created by the creatives of the Dota 2 community. Here are all sixteen hero sets that made it into the Crownfall Collector's Cache!

Crownfall Collector's Cache hero sets

Templar Assassin "Darkblade Adept"

This Templar Assassin set emits an Ambient effect from both her Weapon and Shoulders slot.

Phantom Assassin "Phantom's Facade"

This set is built upon the Phantom Assassin Persona and once you unlock this set via the Crownfall Collector's Cache, you'll also get the Persona for free! This set has Ambient effect on its Legs, Head, and Weapon slot. The Weapon will also emit a unique sound effect.

Meepo "Lotus of the Mountain Bear Clan"

This set covers the entirety of Meepo's model with items for the weapon, head, shoulder, back, arms, and tail. The Weapon also has Ambient effects.

Naga Siren "Martyrdom of the Brineborn"

This Naga Siren set decorates her in long, purple hair and a massive glowy Trident. It comes with Ambient effects on her weapon, shield, and head.

Grimstroke "Elegy of the Reaper"

This set sees Grimstroke in a Grim Reaper attire, with a hooked paint brush as his weapon. It has a lot of Ambient glow on the weapon as well as his horned head.

Nyx Assassin "Mecha Nyx"

In this set, Nyx takes the theme of a 'mechanic' with metal-like body structure. It has minimal Ambient effect on the Head slot. This set also comes with a unique Nyx Assassin Loading Screen wallpaper.

Marci "Faithful Fortune"

This is the only set in Crownfall Collector's Cache that has no additional effects or items. But the set itself is decorated with adorable elements. Marci rocks two ponytails, a Chinese-themed attire, and a Panda plushie hanging on her back.

Snapfire "Ardalan Arms Race"

Snapfire goes ham in this set with a racer theme. A massive jet is also attached on top of Mortimer to add to the look. This set has Ambient effects around the jet.

Night Stalker "Dread of Night"

This Night Stalker set doesn't have any additional effects. But it comes with a different Style when he activates his ultimate, Dark Ascension - which colors him a red-purplish glow. You'll also get the set's Loading Screen wallpaper.

Muerta "Blackwing Bandolera"

This set gives Muerta a cooler look - and on top of the Ambient effects on her guns, you'll also get an entirely new look for her ultimate, Pierce the Veil.

Queen of Pain "Exquisite Agonies"

This set comes in two Styles. The first one sees Queen of Pain with a long, white hair and prominent red horns. The second one colors her hair black while also turning her wings and horns blue. There are subtle Ambient effects for her weapon and horns.

Tiny "Colossal Terrorpin"

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One of the coolest sets in the Crownfall Collector's Cache! This set for Tiny brings a fresh look to the plain rock. As it levels up its ultimate, Tiny grows bigger and the set gives Tiny a more decorated look each time. This set gives Tiny a coconut tree in its first form. Meanwhile, its final form sees a treasure chest, anchor, an animated crab, and more around Tiny's body. On top of Ambient effects, you'll also get a Loading Screen wallpaper.

Anti-Mage "Proselyte of the Sakura Clan"

This set is built on Anti-Mage's Persona, thus unlocking this one earns you the Persona for free. Anti-Mage rocks bright, glowy weapons that sprinkles around Sakura as you go. The set also gives an ambience to Anti-Mage's hat - which also drops Sakura flowers!

[Rare] Luna "Bloodmoon Stalker"

This is a Rare set in Crownfall Collector's Cache. It designs Luna's mount as black wolf with red, glowing eyes. Luna holds a crescent weapon that emits sparkly Ambience. The weapon also has a unique custom animation.

[Very Rare] Juggernaut "Ancient Exile"

Juggernaut has tons of cool cosmetics but this is for sure one of the best. In the Crownfall Collector's Cache, this is a Very Rare set. On top of the solid set design, both the weapon and belt have an animated look that elevates the fiery aura. It also comes with a unique Healing Ward set.

[Ultra Rare] Pudge "Aberrant Observer"

Have you seen something so disgusting and creepy that you start to actually like it? This Pudge set sums that up. During the voting phase, the Aberrant Observer received tons of attention for its insane and odd design. It is no surprise to see it end up as the biggest prize of the Collector's Cache.

That was all the sixteen new hero sets in the Crownfall Collector's Cache. You can purchase the Treasure for about $3. Which set is your favorite?

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