Craziest Dota 2 bug? Teammate switches to enemy team in the middle of a game cover image

Craziest Dota 2 bug? Teammate switches to enemy team in the middle of a game

A match played out into a 4 vs 6 situation after a bizarre Dota 2 bug switches a player to the enemy team.

We have truly seen it all. A Dota 2 player recently shared an insanely bizarre incident that occurred in their pub match where their hero suddenly switched from Radiant to Dire in the middle of a game. The OP further told that the bug remained until the end of the match and the teams were forced to play in an unheard 4 vs 6 setting.

Dota 2 bug switches hero from Radiant to Dire

Reddit user u/immortal_alex posted a clip of his recent Turbo game in Dota 2, pointing out something weird in his game. Well, weird is a heavy understatement to what took place.

The clip showcases the perspective of Juggernaut who's playing on the Radiant side. 30 minutes into the game, Juggernaut encounters the enemy Ogre Magi in Dire's jungle. Immediately, he uses the Swiftslash ability but it reflects back to him as Ogre has Mirror Shield equipped.

After the Swisftslash duration ends, Juggernaut returns but now playing for the Dire side. The HP indicator which was green turns red after the interaction. The hero teleports back to base and it directs him to Dire's fountain. Realizing the bug, the player starts spamming question marks in the all-chat, clearly shook by the bizarre Dota 2 bug.

What happened?

It didn't take long for the programmer squad in Dota 2's Reddit to find an explanation to the bizarre Dota 2 bug. Many pointed out that it is definitely some "spaghetti code" which stands for unstructured codes that are hard to maintain.

User FrodoNigle lined out the sequence of events which could lead to the "confusion" in the codes. According to him the Dota 2 bug happened when Ogre Magi channeled the Watcher and Juggernaut used Swiftslash on him.

After the channeling and Jugg's Swiftslash was over, the hero bore a "Lit" buff which is a buff for the Watcher. The switch-up likely happened as the game "mistook" Juggernaut for the Watcher which was channeled to switch sides back to the Dire.

Juggernaut bearing the "Lit" buff.
Juggernaut bearing the "Lit" buff.

If you want to spectate the insane phenomenon in game, the OP has shared the match ID. Just enter the number [7662831135] to spot the replay! The OP also stated that they have reported the bug to game devs.

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