From Counter Strike to Dota 2.

The legendary Champion of Champion Tour is expanding into Dota 2. Season one of the CCT Dota 2 tournament circuit run by GRID and Gamers_X will feature 8 tournaments across it's season. Each with their own prize pool, invited teams, talent and more. The first tournament of the Champion Dota 2 Season 1 tournament will begin next week, with 12 teams and a USD $50,000 prize pool.

Champion of Champions Tour Dota 2 Season 1

The Champions of Champions Tour, or CCT for short, is a well known Counter Strike tournament circuit. Run by GRID, a data analytics platform for Esports have been helping the Dota 2 ecosystem from behind the scenes for a while now. They've even had their hand in various Dota 2 tournaments like TI, Pinnacle Cup, WePlay and more. Now, GRID in partnership with Gamers X are expanding to Dota 2 to complete the competitive Valve game circuit.

CCT Dota 2 will have it's own identity and circuit that is distinct from it's Counter Strike brother, but still under the banner of Champion of Champions Tour. CCT Dota 2 Season 1 will feature eight completely online tournaments. Each tournament will have 12 invited teams and a $50,000 USD prize pool for teams to take home. Additionally, each tournament will have the exact same format which is as follows:

  1. Phase 1 - Groups:
    • Two teams will receive direct invites to the playoffs
    • While the other ten teams will split into two groups of five teams
    • The Group stage will be Round-Robin, Best-of-Three matches
  2. Phase 2 - Playoffs:
    • Eight teams will duke it out in a Double-Elimination Bracket with Best-of-Three matches
    • Finals will be a Best-of-Five

The first tournament of the CCT Dota 2 Season 1 is set to begin June 24th and end on July 3rd. Currently, the dates for future tournaments are yet to be announced. However, viewers can stay tuned to the CCT Dota 2 X and Twitch accounts to stay up to date on the tournament.

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