BTS back in Dota as the production company takes over SA DPC English broadcast cover image

BTS back in Dota as the production company takes over SA DPC English broadcast

BTS is back in Dota after a worrying three months, hosting the English broadcast of the DPC SA 2023

In late 2022, many were in disbelief as Beyond the Summit was left out of the list of companies slated to host a DPC league in 2023, but all that’s changed as of today (Jan. 17) as BTS returns to broadcast the DPC SA 2023 Tour 1.

The transfer comes after chaos reigned during the opening week of the DPC SA 2023. On-air production gaffs, botched transitions, audio issues, and other problems plagued the English broadcast. It got so bad that caster and host Asa “Jeeves” Black threw in the towel late last week. In a dramatic Twitlonger, Jeeves apologized, revealing many issues that had plagued the stream and the attempts to run the production. 

On Sunday, Jan. 15, an announcement on ESB’s Twitter detailed that BTSBrazil would be the official English broadcaster for DPC SA 2023. Initially, it was stated this broadcast would only be on the BTSBrazil Twitch channel. But as of a last minute set of changes, the Broadcast was moved to the BTS main channel.

BTS’s return to Dota as savior of SA DPC

In October, we wrote about Beyond the Summit’s unfortunate exit from Dota, that saw the company left out of the running for production in the DPC. BTS had seemingly transitioned into a more streamer-event-focused production company by late 2022, showcasing some of their most incredible work yet in features like the Jerma985 Christmas Special, and most recently, the Ludwig x Tarik Invitational.

But you can’t keep a good production company down (not that handling production for some of the biggest names in streaming can be constituted as “down), and BTS is back in Dota after only a few months of hiatus. At the moment, it’s just the English broadcast for South America, and reportedly only for the remainder of the Tour. But this is a broadcast of one of the most exciting regions in Dota right now. With relocated Evil Geniuses, the revitalized Thunder Awaken and beastcoast rosters, and Alliance’s LATAM roster, this is a region to watch. And now it has the kind of world class production it truly deserves. It’s hard to imagine we won’t see BTS’ role grow in the future.

You can catch the SA DPC right now on Beyond the Summit’s Twitch channel, or tune into the VODs later. Either way, it's good to see BTS back broadcasting DPC-level Dota 2.