The Lima Major was cursed, plain and simple.

The Lima Major is being called one of the worst Dota 2 tournaments in recent years production-wise and a recent interview with Alvaro "Avo+" Sanchez Velasco may have solidified this claim.

The Side Pull Podcast's latest episode had hosts Austin "Cap" Walsh and Joey "Leafeator" Thimian interviewing caster and analyst Avo+ about the behind-the-scenes of the Lima Major. The scheduling, setup, small stage, and crowd behavior has been heavily criticized but it looks like there's even more happening unbeknownst to Dota 2 fans.

According to Avo+, the tournament has allegedly been using broken equipment that had to be replaced with equipment that staff scrambled to find at flea markets. Casters also brought their own equipment, including cables and mics, to avoid using broken electronics. This claim has created a very haphazard look at what's going on behind closed doors.

Avo+ went on to say that casters requested certain mics but were given the wrong ones.

"There's a moment you realize, 'This is a great group stage battle but if our mics have this f—ing fan for some reason in them there's no way anyone will listen to them,'" Avo+ recalled. "I remember as well, when our viewership was dropping, I would get talent with their best intentions in the world come to me saying the format wasn't working because of this... Guys, the mics are terrible. That's the biggest issue. it doesn't matter what we do with this format [...] With those garbage mics, nobody would tune in."

Avo+ talks Lima Major fails and disasters

Apparently that wasn't it.

Avo+ opened up about other problems that were plaguing the Lima Major. Apparently there were only four people running the show. Everyone else was contracted. But about 50% of these contractors didn't even show up, he added. This left Avo+ filling multiple roles, including even helping style the talent.

With all of this chaos happening behind closed doors, the Lima Major has been going down as one of the worst Dota 2 events of all time — especially when paired with all of the public disasters regarding the stage and schedule.

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