Securing their first win of the season, Brame esports are hoping to win every game henceforth. They want to qualify for the Stockholm Major.

“We finally did it after three series”- Brame Spartan exclaims.

After three consecutive losses in the WEU DPC, Brame esports has found its first win, a 2-0 victory over Nigma Galaxy. In an excited post-match interview after the 2-0 victory, one where he pulled off an amazing Aegis steal, Brame’s captain, Spartan spoke about the team’s progress and also had words of compassion to say to people from Russia and Ukraine.

Neither team had won a series in the DPC Tour 2 as Nigma Galaxy and Brame esports faced each other in Week 3. Brame (0-3) and Nigma Galaxy (0-2) needed this match win to have any chance of qualifying for the Major. The top three teams make it to the Stockholm Major.

How an Aegis steal turned the game

The first match was a relatively one-sided affair with both the safe lane and midlane dominating for Brame esports. The game took 26 minutes to finish, but it was all about Brame extending their networth and XP lead. Noobito and thug finished without a single death, just another cherry on top of their fabulous performance.

The second game was one where Nigma Galaxy were slowly pulling away. With heroes that could rapidly scale into the late game, the mid-game was where the real battle was fought between the two teams. 

After getting the kill on Phantom Assassin, Nigma Galaxy tried to quickly get a Roshan kill and secure the aegis. But some exceptional reflexes and play by Brame’s captain allowed Brame to win that teamfight, one which they had no business winning.

“I just got so much confidence after this. I believe it was a very big save for the team and for the whole match. It was a turning point for us and everything after went smooth. I felt like a star actually. I felt amazing.”

It was even more interesting that Spartan managed to get out of the pit after snatching the Aegis. Amidst his excitement he had no idea how he got out of the pit and had to be informed by the post-game panelists. It was a Nigma Galaxy force-staff.

“I don’t know what happened. I was celebrating. And the other people were just crazy saying ‘Oh we can win, we can win’. I don’t even know I had the aegis for the whole duration. It was so so good.”

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“We’re still not ready to play as a team.  We can become ten times better than what we are right now” – Brame Spartan

It was the first opportunity for anyone from Brame to appear in the post-match interview. Their first win came at an opportune moment for them. It is an accomplishment but the team still has a long way to go.

“We’re still not ready to play as a team. That’s the thing. We can become ten times better than what we are right now. It takes time to actually understand how everybody’s working inside the team. So you can actually explain the things better. 

This is the process that we are trying to find. We are in this process right now. So I guess that we will not lose any other games, I hope so (laughs). Because it’s going to be our end if we lose a game. We need to qualify for this Major at least. I hope we can, slowly, but the turtle always wins.”

Brame needs to win a significant number of their remaining matches (if not all) to qualify for the Stockholm Major.

Addressing people of Russia and Ukraine

I just want to say to everybody in Ukraine, or even in Russia, people that don’t have anything to do with this war, ‘Be strong. Everything will pass for the better of everybody’

Brame Spartan

Dota 2 has a long history with Ukraine and Russia. There have been several TI winners from the two countries, there have been many events in Ukraine and the CIS region is one of the biggest audiences for Dota 2. 

However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has severely impacted the esports industry, but more importantly, uprooted the way of life for many. 

Using the opportunity to speak to a global audience, Spartan had some compassionate words for Dota 2 fans.

“I want to say that we are playing Dota 2 and everybody is smiling and laughing. And I cannot really believe that this happened in Ukraine. I’m really worried all this time, almost one month. I just want to say to everybody in Ukraine, or even in Russia, people that don’t have anything to do with this war, ‘Be strong. Everything will pass for the better of everybody’.”


He continued explaining his connection with Ukraine and Russia. There have been several Dota 2 events in Russia and Ukraine. Teams from Russia and Ukraine had a fantastic year in 2021 with Team Spirit winning TI10, Gambit winning VCT Champions and NAVI winning PGL Stockholm Major 2021.

“I have been in Ukraine 3-4 times, 1-2 times in Russia. I feel it inside. I’m not saying that the war in other countries is something different, it’s exactly the same. But Ukraine was very close to me and I’ve been there lots of times. That’s why it hits me this time. “

Amidst all the gaming and entertainment that esports brings us, it is important to take a moment to remember the people in Ukraine and even in Russia who have been affected by this war. Brame has its task cut out as the next match is against Team Secret. 

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