Team Liquid will head into an elimination series against Team Falcons.

ESL One Birmingham pits a lot of high-profile Dota 2 teams against each other. Team Liquid has been a consistent force for the past couple of years. Team Falcons, on the other hand, is a new sensation on the block, having already bagged two championships this year. Both teams will clash against each other next and according to Boxi, their performances have been on par with each other.

Boxi names Falcons and BetBoom as their current vendetta

Team Liquid may be a consistent team, but they never fail to bring suspense to their fans. After a lackluster Group Stage run, Liquid had to start its Playoffs journey in the nerve-racking Lower Bracket. It starts with a tough series against South America's HEROIC who put up a solid fight. After a 2-1 win, Liquid was able to take a breath of relief. But not for long.

Liquid will once again take the center stage and play in the final series of the day, this time against Team Falcons. The Middle East and North America (MENA) kings was thrown to the Lower Bracket after a rough loss against Tundra Esports. Now both are at the brink of elimination.

Boxi of Liquid hopped on the post-match interview after their victory against HEROIC. He mentioned how both Liquid and Falcons are on par with each other. Liquid also often eyes Falcons and BetBoom as the team to beat.

Whenever we play Falcons, I feel like it's a 50-50. If we are much better than them, or they are much better than us. So it will be pretty fun to see. Usually they are like our vendetta right now, maybe them and BetBoom.

Team Liquid vs Team Falcons: Who will win the series?

The Playoffs is getting spicier as we go. Two renowned teams are going to clash in the Lower Bracket to close the day, and as sad as it is, we'll have to bid farewell to either one. Can Team Liquid uphold their title as the kings of the Lower Bracket, or will Falcons find their way to yet another grand final?

Keep up with the ESL One Birmingham Playoffs schedule and results below!

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