After winning against Fnatic in the SEA DPC, BOOM Esports earns the coveted slot in the upcoming Stockholm Major.

Another day of Southeast Asian (SEA) DPC witnessed one more team qualifying for the Stockholm Major; congratulations BOOM Esports!

In a gruesome series, BOOM went head-to-head against the current top-seed, Fnatic who has yet to lose a series in the DPC. As per tradition, BOOM loses the first game but they swung back harder, delivering Fnatic a convincing reverse sweep. Not only did they cut off Fnatic's hot streak, BOOM's victory also meant that they qualify for the upcoming Stockholm Major.

If you missed the series, here's a brief match recap!

BOOM breaks Fnatic's hot win streak in SEA DPC

Fnatic won the opening match of the series, but not in the most conventional way. Throughout the entire game, BOOM was dictating the map. They were actively picking off valuable kills and tossing in great Ravages that it seemed dim for Fnatic. But once Raven's Tiny hit its timings, the monstrous rock unleashed an insane amount of damage that won Fnatic a crucial fight. They started pushing high ground and after realizing that the opponents did not have buybacks they went straight for the throne.

The first game fell in the hands of Fnatic, but it only got harder for them from then on. BOOM leads the second game as they started with a decent lead. There were moments of hope for Fnatic, but JaCkky's Lifestealer was incredibly farmed and at one point, was unkillable. BOOM ended the game in 33 minutes. The third game was an even better performance as they completely outsmarted their opponents. The game snowballed in BOOM's favor and they closed it out in only 21 minutes.

Yopaj talks about qualifying for the Stockholm Major

This series win marks BOOM's qualification for the Stockholm Major, which will happen in May. This is also BOOM's first time as an organization and as a team, to qualify for a Valve Major!

In the post-match interview, the panel congratulated  Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer and asked him how's the team feeling. "We are feeling great because our practice has paid off," said Yopaj.

They also asked the midlaner regarding game one and why they happened to lose the series. To this, Yopaj revealed that they have played against Fnatic's Keeper of the Light mid and they wanted to test the limits.

We actually scrimmed them recently, against KOTL, and they are really strong with it. We just wanted to try (fight) it in the first game

 Erin Jasper "Yopaj" Ferrer

BOOM Esports will be joining OG and Fnatic as the attendees of the highly anticipated Stockholm Major. For most of the members, this would be their first time stepping on the stage of a Valve Major and it's definitely exciting to see!

BOOM also did not come this far without the guidance of coach Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung.

BOOM will play its last DPC match for the season against Team SMG on April 21. You can find the full schedule for Tour 2 SEA DPC here.

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