If you haven’t nOTISed, Asa Butterfield recently had a hilarious 1v1 Dota 2 matchup against William “Blitz” Lee.

Asa Butterfield, an actor mostly known for playing Otis in Netflix’s Sex Education series, has been a part of the Liquid Family since a year ago and his presence in the team has brought some comical moments. Recently, Team Liquid’s YouTube channel posted another entertaining episode where the 24-year-old had to battle Liquid’s coach, Blitz.

Asa and Blitz went head-to-head in an odd 1v1 matchup

The two started the match casually by randomizing heroes, getting Blitz the Razor while Asa rolled the Tusk. Spontaneously, Blitz asked Asa what handicap he wants throughout the match. The English star opted for a no-keyboard option straight away. With no hesitance, Blitz shoved his keyboard to the side and started playing with only his mouse.

Despite the huge advantage, Asa’s Tusk struggled to tackle the nonchalant Razor. Blitz seemed to have a great lane even without the ability to deny creeps. He was vigorously pressing on his mouse and had no intentions to give Asa a break, however, Asa managed to get the first blood after a narrow escape (thanks to the Ghost camp creep!) The bloodthirsty Razor then claimed the next two kills. One was when he slew the Tusk who had no mana and the other was him diving the walrus under his tower. Blitz took the victory with a smug and Asa sighed at the lame revenant. 

Asa Butterfield's dual life between the flashing lights and his nerdy leisures

In the gaming scene, Asa Butterfield has quite a history. In a recent interview with GQ, he revealed that gaming has always been a passion of his. Even though he can't commit to a pro career, he's dedicated to introduce the huge industry to more people. He has made known to public his love for Dota 2 and in 2019, he even made an appearance at the panel during ESL One Birmingham.

With Asa’s addition to Liquid’s family, he will likely be featured in more fun videos by the organization. The first video where we witnessed the English star taking part in Liquid’s spectacles was a Skribbl.io showdown with Liquid’s Dota 2 roster. His second and most recent appearance is the 1v1 match with Blitz.

On the other side of his gamer alter ego, he is actively promoting the just-released Season 3 of Sex Education on Netflix. The comedy series tells the story of Otis, a socially awkward teenager whose mother is a sex therapist. The successful Netflix Original has been nominated in numerous awards and Asa Butterfield undoubtedly shows his flair in front of cameras, but not so behind the keyboard.

Jokes aside, we definitely hope to see more of Asa Butterfield with the Liquid fam soon! Stay tuned to esports.gg for the latest Dota 2 news and updates.

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