BetBoom Universe Eps I Comics Zone: Schedule, results, teams, and more details cover image

BetBoom Universe Eps I Comics Zone: Schedule, results, teams, and more details

Find out more about the $100K comic-themed tournament featuring notable teams across Europe!

BetBoom returns once again to present a comic-themed Dota 2 tournament, BetBoom Universe: Episode I - Comics Zone. As you can tell from the name, the tournament features comic-like graphics from its logo all the way to its stream layout.

A total of fourteen teams comprising notable teams from Europe will compete for a slice of the massive $100K USD prize pool. The BetBoom Universe Comics Zone spans 2 weeks from February 1 until February 14. Keep track of the tournament's schedule and results on this page!

List of teams competing in the BetBoom Universe Comics Zone

There are fourteen teams, including TI11 champions, Tundra Esports, invited to participate in this hefty tournament. Ten teams will first play in the main stage while four more teams wait in the final stage. Here are all the participants of the Comics Zone:

  • HellRaisers
  • Darkside
  • Nemiga Gaming
  • RISE Esports
  • X3
  • Into The Breach
  • Alliance
  • Ooredoo Thunders
  • Monaspa
  • Team Spirit [FINAL STAGE]
  • Gaimin Gladiators [FINAL STAGE]
  • Tundra Esports [FINAL STAGE]
  • Entity [FINAL STAGE]

BetBoom Universe Comics Zone Schedule and Results

The ten teams that are competing in the main stage are divided into two groups. Group A has HellRaisers, Alliance, Into The Breach, Nemiga Gaming, and RISE Esports. Meanwhile, Group B has Ooredoo Thunders, Darkside, Monaspa, X3, and By the end of the main stage, the bottom three will be eliminated, and the top two advance to the final stage.

Here are the final standings:

Group A
Group B
Alliance [4-0]
Ooredoo Thunders [4-0]
HellRaisers [3-1] [3-1]
RISE Esports [2-2]
Darkside [1-3]
Nemiga Gaming [1-3]
Monaspa [1-3]
Into The Breach [0-4]
X3 [1-3]

The main stage featuring these ten teams takes place on February 1 until February 8. Here is the full schedule for BetBoom Universe Comics Zone main stage. We will update the results as the tournament goes on.

Main Stage

Time (PT)
Feb 1
09:00 AM
HR vs RISE [2-0]
Feb 2
03:00 AM
VP vs OT [1-2]
06:50 AM
[A] vs ITB [2-0]
Feb 3
03:00 AM
RISE vs ITB [2-0]
06:00 AM
VP vs X3 [2-0]
Feb 4
03:00 AM
Ds vs OT [1-2]
06:00 AM
Mnsp vs VP [0-2]
09:00 AM
[A] vs HR [2-1]
Feb 5
03:00 AM
HR vs ITB [2-1]
06:00 AM
Nemiga vs RISE [0-2]
09:00 AM
Ds vs X3 [2-0]
Feb 6
03:00 AM
Nemiga vs HR [0-2]
06:00 AM
OT vs Mnsp [2-1]
09:00 AM
[A] vs RISE [2-0]
Feb 7
03:00 AM
OT vs X3 [2-0]
06:00 AM
Ds vs Mnsp [1-2]
09:00 AM
Nemiga vs ITB [2-0]
Feb 8
03:00 AM
[A] vs Nemiga [2-0]
06:00 AM
Ds vs VP [1-2]
09:00 AM
Mnsp vs X3 [1-2]

Final Stage

The final stage of the BetBoom Universe Episode I sees teams like Team Spirit and Gaimin Gladiators join in on the action. Four teams that qualify through the main stage - Alliance, HellRaisers, Ooredoo Thunders, and will compete with the rest of the invited teams in a double-elimination bracket.

Time (SGT)
Feb 9
11:00 PM
Entity vs [A] [2-0]
Feb 10
2:00 AM
GG vs VP [2-0]
Feb 10
8:00 PM
Tundra vs HR [2-0]
Feb 10
11:00 PM
Entity vs GG [1-2]
Feb 11
8:00 PM
Spirit vs OT [2-1]
Feb 11
11:00 PM
[A] vs VP [2-0]
Feb 12
8:00 PM
HR vs OT [1-2]
Feb 12
11:30 PM
Tundra vs Spirit [2-1]
Feb 13
7:00 PM
Spirit vs Alliance [2-1]
Feb 13
10:00 PM
Entity vs OT [2-1]
Feb 14
1:00 AM
Tundra vs GG [2-0]
Feb 14
4:00 AM
Spirit vs Entity [2-1]
Feb 14
8:00 PM
Spirit vs GG
Feb 15
12:00 AM
Tundra vs TBD

Where to Watch

Tune in to the action on BetBoom's official Twitch channel. The tournament will be broadcasted live in English with commentators hairy_freak, Wingblade, and Dktruman.

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