The Lima Major Group Stage pairs EEU all-star team, BetBoom Team, and the face of NA, Shopify Rebellion, for an epic showdown. Keep track of the live results and match recap here!

The 2023 Lima Major kickstarts today with the Group Stage and Group B is currently hot in action. One of the most interesting matchups is BetBoom Team vs Shopify Rebellion which showcases an epic BO2 showdown between the face of North America and the new all-star team of Eastern Europe.

Head-to-head, BetBoom Team are the favorites coming into this series as they have dominated the EEU DPC in a very convincing fashion. SR, on the other hand, fell behind rivals TSM to finish in second place in NA. However, SR does hold more experience and they're now playing under a new banner. It'll be interesting to see what both teams bring to the table. We will keep you updated with the results and match recap for BetBoom Team vs Shopify Rebellion on this page!

BetBoom Team vs. Shopify Rebellion results

Team 1
Team 2
BetBoom Team
Shopify Rebellion (W)
Team 1
Kill Score
Team 2
Game 1
SR (W)
Game 2
SR (W)

This Group Stage matchup serves only for teams to collect points in a single round-robin. The more wins they grab, the better chances they'll have to advance to the Upper Bracket of the Playoffs and avoid elimination. In each group, the top 4 advances to the Upper Bracket, and the 5th-6th place go to the Lower Bracket. The bottom 3 face elimination.

Here are the faces of Group B: beastcoast, BetBoom Team, Entity, Geek Slate, HellRaisers, Knights, Shopify Rebellion, Team Aster, and Team Liquid.

Group B in the Lima Major.
Group B in the Lima Major.

Game Recap: Shopify Rebellion destroys BetBoom 2-0

In the first game, Shopify Rebellion drafted beautifully to shut down BetBoom's heroes. A classic Zeus vs Terrorblade sees the Greek hero relentlessly bursting down Terrorblade's HP and immediately putting him out of fights. This hero also worked wonders to shut down the enemy's Rubick, which was on its toes to steal SabeRLight-'s Black Hole.

In the first 10 minutes of the game, BetBoom mercilessly dominated lanes and accumulated kills on the sidelanes. The EEU team had an early 4K net worth lead, but SR was quick to recover.

Abed's Zeus itemized well to burst Pure's Terrorblade as he opted for a quick Refresher Orb. Arteezy went ham on his Bloodseeker as he was more than capable of manfighting a high-networth Terrorblade. After demolishing BetBoom in multiple fights, the all-star EEU team tapped out in 56 minutes.

In the second game, BetBoom once again dominated the laning stage. But SR constantly exploited mistakes on the map to grab kills entering the mid-game. It was a close contest as both teams traded kills and accumulated an almost even net worth throughout the entire game.

Both position 4 on both sides were an extreme menace. Cr1t's Spirit Breaker charges in at the right timings and Save's Rubick executed sleek stolen spells. But as the game unfolded, Saberlight on his Nature's Prophet raked up insane farm and became a massive threat to BetBoom.

At minute 40:20, SR found an out-of-position Pure Sniper and they were able to right-click the hero to death before BB could react. This led to a huge teamfight win and an easy Roshan pickup, leading SR's networth by far. SR grew out of control and after losing another teamfight, the team called GG for the second time of the day.

Where to watch

The BetBoom vs Shopify Rebellion series is scheduled to broadcast on Line C on Twitch. We have also embedded the stream below.

Stay tuned to for more Lima Major updates!

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