It’s been so long since we’ve had a 1v1 at a Dota tournament, but Betboom Dacha has come through with it’s very own solo tournament.

The Dota 2 community hasn't had a 1v1 mid tournament in what feels like eons. So, when Betboom Dacha announced that they would be having a Dota solo tournament, the community popped off for real. The solo tournament features a combination of players and even some coaches. The tournament starts on February 10 and has the whole day dedicated to it, with the winner taking home $50,000 USD.

The Betboom Dacha Dota Solo Tournament participants

There are a total of 40 players participating in the 1v1 Dota solo tournament at Betboom Dacha. The majority of which are players participating at the tournament like Nisha or Ori. However, there are a couple pro players not participating at the tournament in iLTW or Cooman who are participating in the solo tournament.

Regardless, the participants aren't only mid laners. there are players from all roles of the teams and even some coaches. Both Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiator's coaches Blitz and Cy- are participating in the Dota Betboom Dacha solo tournament.

The Seeding and format of the solo tournament

The format for the Betboom Dacha solo tournament is a single elimination bracket. Until the Quarter finals or Semifinals, the matches are Best of Ones. Meaning that players only have one shot, one opportunity to seize everything this tournament has to offer. However, once they reach the Quarterfinals, it becomes a best of three, and of course for the grand finals, it is a best of five.

Pudge, one of the four pre-selected heroes for Betboom's solo tournament
Pudge, one of the four pre-selected heroes for Betboom's solo tournament

Additionally, on top of the classic rules of the one versus one like the victory conditions, there are a couple other rules to the format. There's a ten-hero pool for players to pick from. Four of these heroes are pre-selected, with them being Shadow Fiend, Puck, Mirana and of course Pudge. The other six are selected by the players, so there's no need to worry that we'll only be seeing Shadow Fiend mids with mango upon mangoes.

A good amount of players in the 1v1 Betboom Dacha solo tournament have received a bye. That doesn't mean round one is a pushover. There are some pretty fun matchups in the first round. For example, you have Stormstormer going up against Cooman. In another round one matchup, there's Quinn versus Kiritych. But what's funny about that matchup is that the winner takes on Blitz, the coach of Team Liquid, who is there for memes and to cheese.

So without a doubt, the tourney will be a lot of fun to watch. Especially since there are non-mid players going up against some of the mid players in the world. We'll just have to tune in on Feb. 10 to find out.

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