Aurora and Talon Esports beef: 23savage sparks a wave of conflict after a cryptic all chat cover image

Aurora and Talon Esports beef: 23savage sparks a wave of conflict after a cryptic all chat

Members of Aurora and Talon Esports are at each other’s throats following 23savage’s “no class” all chat.

There is tension brewing in Southeast Asia involving two of the best teams in the region. Aurora had just triumphed in the DreamLeague Season 23 qualifiers, stomping Talon Esports 3-0. Following the final victory, Aurora's carry player, Nuengnara "23" Teeramahanon, let out a jab in the all chat, calling Talon Esports "no class". This cryptic all chat sparked a wave of subtle shades from members of Aurora and Talon Esports.

(Screenshot via <a href="">Reddit</a>)
(Screenshot via Reddit)

23savage is no stranger to bold remarks, having made countless all chats and daring statements before. But his "no class" comment doesn't seem like the usual pub beef. Especially since the comment was directed towards his former organization. All of Aurora's players (except for Lorenof who recently joined the team) used to represent Talon Esports until they parted ways in November 2023.

Because of the history between the two orgs, the uncalled for all chat sparked a wave of discussion and drama. Was there any conflict between former Talon Esports players, specifically 23savage, against the team or the organization?

Aurora and Talon Esports exchange shades on social media

Following the grand finals between Aurora and Talon Esports a number of posts sprouted from X/Twitter to add even more fuel to the fire. The coach of Aurora hopped on the "no class" train. Lee "SunBhie" Jeong-jae posted: "GGs. These boys in Talon far, far outclass the org they represent."

SunBhie's highly cryptic comment made the community even more curious. The chief gaming officer of Talon Esports then followed up with another post that unveiled more details regarding the beef.

Kim "hooondo" Do-hoon, posted: "My boys from last year outclassed us. You can talk all you want regarding class you coward. Run to your daddies again." He also added that this comment is not directed towards 23savage.

Under this post, hooondo clarified that there are "specific people" that he is calling a coward in Aurora. But it is not directed towards any of the players, "I have no issues with them." A lot of people that are following this story assumed that Aurora members may have been kicked or left the organization out of spite. He confirmed that the players indeed made the decision to leave following contract expiration.

Surprisingly, the official X/Twitter page of Aurora itself also made a comment on the issue. The page posted a screenshot of hooondo's now-deleted post which stated, "Unfortunate we lose to a coward." The subtle shade to Aurora or its players led to an aggressive response by Aurora. "You have the courage to post nasty things, but you don't have the balls not to delete it, and who is the real coward here? Sorry that we f*cked you hard yesterday."

The real reason of the conflict remains a mystery

Some fans that have been tuned in to livestreams of Armel "Armel" Tabios and Kim "Gabbi" Santos heard that 23savage had an issue with the Talon Esports organization itself. The CGO of Talon also confirmed that he doesn't hold any beefs against the players of Aurora. As for now there is no much detail regarding the conflict between Aurora and Talon Esports and we can only wait for more clarifications.

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